Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review - Saphoros Spa - Lueur Jeune Mineral Blush

Lueur Jeune™ Mineral Blush
Mineral Blushes that give that natural hint of color for a healthy, translucent glow. Specially blended for superior adhesion and long wear. You're sure to find a shade (or two) you love! Contains 10-20% Z-Cote Zinc Oxide. This shade: Serenity: Soft, light pink with very light coppery gold shimmer. Wonderful for fair and light complexions.
20 gram sifter jar (7 g net wt) - $16
10 gram sifter jar (3 g net wt) - $11
Sampler (1/8 tsp bagged) - $1.50

Once again I am loving mineral makeup. Not only is it good for your skin -- but it makes you skin look good or should I say better or best. I have actually invested in several shades of this blush. I choose according my tint according to how I am feeling each day. You really need just the tiniest dab of this blush and when you use the brush it truly blends in and looks like very natural color. You do not look like a clown with the red spots on your cheeks -- it just gives you the color you are looking for without looking overly done. You can actually use a light coat all over your face for a very slight tint that looks wonderful and healthy. The price is pretty reasonable and you cannot go wrong if you pick up a few samples first to see what complements your coloring the best.

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