Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review - Nina Ricci L'AIR DU TEMPS perfume

FRAGRANCE NOTES - a rich floral of gardenia and jasmine, with tones of sandalwood and iris, a romantic aroma.
Scent strength: subtlescent life: 6-10 hours Recommended use: casual
Recommended age: perfect for anyone
Our Price:$24.79
Retail Price:$32.00

This is a light scent that has had many people ask me what I was wearing. Thank goodness they said they liked it. It would have been embarassing if someone said -- thanks, I know not to ever get that scent!! Happily it has been positive feedback. I am a person who just likes a light scent - I actually feel uncomfortable when I have tested a scent and it was strong. I usually will have to get myself to soap and water fast to take it off. Nina Ricci has many other products and scents and any I have tried have been excellent. However, this is my personal favorite. I use it for day or evening. My preference is for the Eau de Toilette and the cost at this site is not too bad. You can usually find this at a discounted price. I don't think I have ever paid the full retail price -- so it does pay to shop around.

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