Friday, March 28, 2008

Review: Danielle and Company Shea Butter Soap

Danielle's products are created as “eco chic”. They are modern in design and are made with the purest ingredients, many of them being organic and made with essential oils. Each product is formulated with a botanical oil base and is enhanced with rich shea butter, highly prized for its skin-moisturizing benefits. All of Danielle’s products are completely naked of fillers, preservatives, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs or parabens. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

I like the unusual shape of this soap, as well as the benefit to skin of using shea butter on it. The lavender scent I tried is subtle and soothing. It also doesn’t seem to use up as fast as some soap bars do…which I appreciate. Who wants a high-quality soap to disappear almost as soon as you start to use it?

Amanda S. Says:

Like Joyce I love that this soap seems like it's going to last forever, and the shape is great to hold onto unlike the usual bars. I love love love that it is vegan and cruelty free also, as that's my JAM I must say. And Kudos to this company for going the extra mile to be nice to the animals. The scent I had was extra invigorating also: lavender and spearmint. I would really recommend this scent because the minty-ness of it is so subtle but tingly and really wakes up your skin, it also calmed down the hot-spots I get when my skin gets rather itchy.

Hillary Says:

The scent of my bar is “Fresh off the Line” and it smells just like freshly laundered clothes! I'm a huge fan of the smell of clean clothes (who isn't?) so this soap is right up my alley. Add to that the fact that this is a very moisturizing bar made with shea butter and glycerin and you've got one great bar of soap. I've said it before, soap to me is a four letter word, but with how moisturizing this soap is, I may have to change my tune.

Deedlejuse says:

I, like all of the above, love this soap. I agree with Joyce and Sheba about how cool the shape is. It is curved perfectly to fit around all of my curves. It is perfect for shaving, if you use a pouf it makes a great lather. It really does last forever, I have had mine in the shower for over two weeks now, and you would think it was opened yesterday! Even though it lasts you are totally aware of the soap spreading over your body. Personally, I am strange, I LOVE spicy herby soaps. Patchouli, sandalwood, clove, anything that isn't the normal flowery soap (these other soaps have a time and a place but in the morning there is nothing better than some spice) so I got the Classic Man's scent. It is delicious, zesty orange peel,eucalyptus leaves, and exotic spice it says. It just makes me smile. And believe me it would definitely be nice for your man to smell like this...

Sheba says: I have been using this Apricot Scrub off and on for a couple of weeks. It smells heavenly . . it is so sweet without being too sweet. It's shape enables you to hold it firmly. It lathers up wonderfully and it is so gentle on your skin that it is hard to imagine that it is a 'scrub'. I have used 'scrubs' that left my skin very red and sore. One of them was an Apricot scrub by another company so I was a little leery when selecting this. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the results after such a gentle scrub. My skin feels rejuvinated and it does remove the dead skin -- leaving the newer fresher skin. Some scrubs dry your skin as they exfoliate -- not this one. It leaves your skin very silky soft and moist. This is definitely a keeper. The company makes other scents which I am definitely going to try. I believe Almond will be my next one. You are bound to find a scent you enjoy and it will surround you as you scrub away. The cost is bit more than I like to spend for a bar of soap but it is a decent size and will last for a good amount of time. I think I might check into purchasing 2 or more bars at the same time to see how the shipping charges are then. Why pay shipping each time you buy a bar -- combining a few bars might be more expensive at the time but is usually less expensive than buying one at a time - several times. I need to see if my theory works on this. Also, I should mention - take a peek at the store locations (included on the web site). There just might be one in your vicinity which would save you any shipping cost.

CitySlicker Says: I have this in Ivy & Aloe. I find it to have fresh clean scent. It lathers up nicely with a bath pouf. I find that it's a little weaker without so I opt to use a pouf all the time. It does a great job of cleaning the bod. I too, love that is has shea butter within so it leaves my skin hydrated and soft. I am at the tail end of the bar.. My only suggestion is to remove from wet areas as mine did get soft and slimy, totally my own fault.. It is a bit pricy but had lasted a long time.. :)

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