Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review - Saphoras Spa - Lueur Jeune Mineral Foundation

House Blend Formula Foundations
With exceptional, lightweight glide and creamy feel, this formula features generous amounts of real, pure silk, crushed pearls and skin-healing Allantoin - and is very healthy for your skin! An incredibly long-wearing water-resistant foundation, House Blend gives great coverage and consistent color all day or all night. Good for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Contains 24.4% Titanium Dioxide and 12.2% Zinc Oxide.

Select Your Formula
House Blend Formula - All skin types
Dry Skin Formula - Dry, Sensitive, Mature
Oil-Control Formula - Oily Skin
UltraCover Formula - Maximum Coverage
Pressed Perfection - Cream-to-Powder

50 g sifter jar (10 g net wt) - $25
30 g sifter jar (7-8 g net wt) - $19
12 g net wt Refill (bagged) - $22
Sampler (1/2 tsp bagged) - $1.50

Sheba says: I have used pancake, mousse, liquid, powder -- you name any type of foundation -- I have tried it. Now my search is over. Mineral make up works just perfectly for my skin. First of all it is mineral and is actually good to your skin. It doesn't clog up your pores or cause dryness or oiliness. This particular brand is ideal for me. I love the fact that you can purchase samples before committing to the full size. I went directly from the sample to the full size. I had selected a couple of shades and at $1.50 each I lost nothing. They could be used alone or blended for a exact shade. I do use their concealers (which I have already reviewed) and this just goes over them. It covers without looking like it is covering. I have never experienced such a natural look with concealer and foundation. I just expected a powdery appearance as I always ended up with one. NOT SO with this product. It looks so natural while covering that I am amazed by it. It gives you an air brushed look as they describe it. The very first day I work it to work people commented on how "pretty" my face looked. I was taken back for a second as people don't usually just come out and say that. These were people I see every day. They admitted they could not put their finger on it but I looked better than usual. That completely sold me. I do not think you will be disappointed with this foundation.

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