Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review - Shiseido - The Makeup Extra Length Mascara

The Makeup Extra Length Mascara Formulated with stay-put long lash fibers and fiber fix oil, this lengthening mascara extends lash length like never before. Fibers lock onto lashes easily and evenly from root to tip, so no more "split-ends" look! Waterproof, sweat-proof, and oil-proof.
Size: .22 oz $22.00

I love my other mascaras but this one is special. It adds such incredible length to your lashes. I usually reserve this one for evening and I might use a little extra for special effect. I do not go overboard as I think I would not be able to open my eyes with any longer lashes. They look spectacular with maybe 2 coats on. Actually, I use only one most of the time and my lashes look super with just the 1 coat. I would have thought that because it is waterproof, etc. that it would be difficult to remove. I find it very easy to take off with a sensitive soap and water. I do have eye makeup remover but have not found it necessary to use it as the soap and water does the job. It is a bit costly compared to my usual mascaras but it is worth it for the results and it lasts. I realize that for safety sake you are not supposed to keep mascara more than 6 months and I usually don't have to worry about it -- it is gone by then.

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