Sunday, March 9, 2008

Review - Saphoros Spa Champagne Corrector

Gives any skin tone a "soft-focus" appearance, and also brings darker skin tones a subtle glow (not glimmer). Contains 22.3% Titanium Dioxide.

10 Gram $9.00 5 Gram Sample

This really does do the trick. I have experienced that look you get when you can see the concealer through your makeup and it looks like you have lighter makeup around your eyes. This is NOT the look I want. This concealer goes on very easily with the brush. You need to dip the brush in a tiny amount and apply to under eye circles and any other areas that might need a touch up. Then you apply your mineral make up over the concealer and to the rest of the face. It covers the concealer without giving you a heavy made up look. It does not blend in with the concealer and change the make up shade. It does what it claims to do. It conceals what you are concealing. Actually it gives you a very natural look that definitely enhances problem areas such as the dark circles. I wonder where this had been all my life. It is a face saver!! This is available in a sample size so that you can try it before buying the full size.

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