Saturday, October 25, 2008

Review - Zia Skin Basics Everyday Moisturizer

Everyday Moisturizer is a lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer that penetrates completely to maintain skin's moisture balance. Rice bran oil, shea butter and aloe preserve softness and hydration without feeling greasy or heavy.

Finally the end of my trilogy! If you are a constant reader you will know that I have been using the Zia Organics Cleanser, Toner, and Face Cream for a while now, with great results. My skin looks to die for, and I haven't broken out since I started using these products. I have normal to dry skin, very few breakouts, and generally easy to manage skin, though I can get dry in the cooler weather. This Everyday Moisturizer is great, I feel hydrated but not weighted down. The only problem is when you first put it on it sort of burns, and smells distinctly of cinnamon. I just glanced at the ingredients list and it does not list cinnamon, but I have a pretty good nose, and I had a few other people smell my face to make sure I wasn't crazy.... The sensation is not so uncomfortable that I would discontinue use, especially because of how nice my face looks, but people with very sensitive skin might need to be cautious. Also the Everyday Moisturizer does not have an SPF, but they do offer a cream that has one. All in all this was the one part of the process that I was not crazy about, but the results of all three really are great. You should definitely give this line a try if you (and you should) want a great, affordable natural product that gets results. Just be aware that it might have unexpected sensations.

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