Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Review - Caudalie Purifying Concentrate

Created for combination skin, this paraben and phenoxyethanol-free concentrate quickly penetrates the skin with 100 percent plant-derived ingredients that act deep down to balance combination skin. $39.00
I have been using this in conjunction with their buffing cream. I am proud to share that this is another enthusiastic 2 thumbs up product! I can’t get enough of this! I swear when I read I need to apply 5 drops in the evening I thought “yeah right, more like 10-12”. No sir, 5 drops amazingly moisturizes and plumps my entire face. I do use a night cream too but have never woken up the next day to find such hydrated and still plump skin. It helps really hold in the moisture and does not dissipate like most night products do. My skin has been reacting very well. My tone is more even, my skin is brighter and it looks plump and healthy. I think if I had not tried this, I would have passed it over, based solely upon the tiny bottle. Now I know it will last and this is a small price to pay for the awesome results! Run, don’t walk to check this out! I will re-buy over and over!

Sheba says:

I also have had very positive results with Caudalie Purifying Concentrate. I knew immediately that 5 drops would do the job -- it felt very oily/greasy for all of maybe a minute. The next thing I knew my skin had just swallowed it up! I will say that I really did not notice a drastic improvement immediately. But then, I am not using it in conjunction with the buffing cream and that combination just might kick in sooner. It took a few nights -- but it certainly does improve your skin. As Cityslicker mentioned -- the skin tone, skin brightness, and healthy appearance of the skin are all byproducts that are very noticeable. I did not get the plumpness she got -- perhaps because I am more plump overall so I am glad it did not pump up the plumpness for me. I will also admit that I would never have spent the $39 on such a tiny bottle of a product -- but for these results I just might forgo my 'frugal' tendencies and go outand spend the $. WAIT!!! I cannot believe it -- it is on EBay!! One is Buy now at $29.99 w/$2.99 S+H -- and the other is an auction starting at .99 with $6 S+H. Now watch Cityslicker outbid me!! Seriously, I have enough for a while or I would not share that information. So now you know -- before spending the full price -- see if you can save a little on EBay. If you end up paying the full price -- you will feel you got your money's worth so you won't feel bad.

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