Saturday, October 25, 2008

Review - PerriconeMD Super Berry With Acai Dietary Supplement Powder

A supplement that provides superior antioxidant protection. $60
What can I say! Dr Perricone has another winner on his hands; you will be amazed at the results that this little packet delivers... I have sadly finished my 30 packets and wish that I could afford to buy more but at this time I can’t. If you have followed Dr. Perricone or read his books you know he is the real deal. I have all of his books and try to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle but of course slip up on occasion... This is such an easy way to give your body an extra boost to keep your skin healthy from the inside out. OK, if you have ever mixed up a powdered fruit drink you know none of them are really that pigmented, this added to water makes for a deep, rich cranberry color, so my tip drink through a straw and keep away from the teeth, this is surely a stainer! The taste is like a blueberry pomegranate flavor, I enjoyed every last drop... I think I started to notice a little more brightness in about a week and this has remained since then. Seriously, if this is in your budget, I can’t recommend enough! Thank you, Dr. Perricone!!

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