Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Review - True Blue® Spa Shea Cashmere™ Hand Cream

Wrap your hands in cashmere. Infused with both cashmere extract and rich shea butter, this ultra-moisturizing hand cream glides on sensually to soothe and nourish. Non-greasy, it absorbs quickly, leaving hands supremely silky and lightly fragranced with a creamy vanilla scent that's both fresh and comforting. Domestic. Revolutionary spa formula combines rich, moisturizing African shea butter with luxurious cashmere extract to envelop skin in supreme silky softness.
Not tested on animals SIZE: 2.5 fl oz/73 mL $14.50

I got a very generous sample of this hand cream and it is definitely a keeper. It is absorbed as you apply it -- it is that fast -- or my skin is that dry. I love the scent which they say is a creamy vanilla. It is not your usual vanilla - it is a softer one and definitely not overpowering. It just smells delicious. My hands feel so good with this cream. It leaves them feeling soft, smooth and very silky. There is no feel of lotion left on them -- just the beautiful smoothness. I have had problems with some scents that I have gotten at Bath and Body Shops but this is not one of them. It is not a perfume- like fragrance. It is a very soft vanilla. Perhaps it is the cashmere extract that gives you the softness, but whatever it is -- this cream really does the job.