Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review - Caudalie Moisturizing Cream

Designed to help preserve skin's youthful appearance, it combines stabilized grape seed polyphenols and nourishing grape seed oil with olive extract and plant glycerin. The fresh, soothing formula encourages a radiant and glowing complexion. No animal ingredients or artificial colorings. Non-comedogenic.

This facial cream is amazing. My face... admittedly, is somewhat of a mess lately. I get these rashes on my cheeks, my skin sometimes breaks out, AND it gets all dry and flaky for seemingly no reason in this dry fall weather. In short, my skin is really a pain in the neck. After using the cream for two weeks (because I really want to make sure how these things work before I go touting their benefits to people) I noticed a significant difference in my skin's sensitivity and hydration. No more flakes, no more itchy spots or dry areas that felt tight and didn't flow well with my make up. On top of all that, it has no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals, which is one of my favorite things to read on a cosmetic product's bottle.

Deedlejuse says: So I have really good skin, it can become dry at times especially in the winter, but generally it is low maintenance. I also tried Caudalie's Moisturizing Cream, and although I don't have quite as many obsticles as Amanda S., I too, noticed how wonderfully this cream improved my skin. This cream made my skin feel durable and flexible, and like I had a layer of protection that I have never really felt before. Not that it was too heavy, just nourishing and wonderful. My skin looked more radient right when I first applied, and that look increased over the two week period that I used it. To top it all off it has the most beautiful smell, so light and feminine. This cream is wonderful, I will definitely be purchasing again.

Joyce says:

Anytime a cream promises what this one does AND says “use on the eye area,” I get happy. I have used it as a mask, but they also said it can be used as a moisturizer; so, boy, does it get used. When the seasons change, I sometimes experience a bit of dryness. I’m glad I had it at the right time as autumn moved in. My more mature skin, though in good condition, does not like to feel even a little dry. I’m one who prefers baths, so after I cleanse my skin, and while the pleasant steam of the water is right there, I put this mask on and leave it on so it can really penetrate the layers. I also use it at night. I have noticed all-over improved skin texture, including around my eyes and lips after using it for a week.

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