Saturday, October 25, 2008

Review - HollyBeth Lavender Hand Cream

Sweet and rich, this fragrant hand cream provides a relaxing effect to help uplift your spirits and reduce emotional stress. $22
If you like Lavender you will love this, the scent is full bodied but not perfumy. It has a very natural scent. I found it to be a relaxing scent that worked well on my hands. When I first got it, I did have to use an orange stick to stir it up; it had begun to separate so I had no choice. This is thick and rich and perfect for the hands and feet! I use it for both. My hands are dry right now and washing them at work all the time doesn’t help. They can be downright raw when you touch paper throughout the day and the dryness follows! I found that a smidge of this cream instantly revitalized my hands and soothed them too. I really enjoy this hand cream and based upon the amount that I use, it’s well worth the $$... Thanks HollyBeth!!

Sheba says:
I have been using the HollyBeth Marigold & Sweet Basil Shea Butter Hand Cream which seems to work very well for me. Hollybeth describes it as 'Inspired by visits to India and Thailand, this earthy cream conjures exotic fragrances and invigorating images to keep you rejuvenated and relaxed'. I have to say I really enjoyed the difference in fragrance from my usual ones. It is more exotic as they say. It is not overpowering at all. It leaves your hands so fresh, soft, smooth and hydrated. Shea Butter seems to really work for me whenever it is an ingredient. My skin loves it and reacts very well to it. I have mentioned many times that my dog is a licker so I wash my hands constantly and need to apply cream much more often than most users would. This cream works and it is at a pretty reasonable cost for the product you get. City Slicker mentioned that a smidge does the job -- she is so right. You will definitely get your money's worth.


HollyBeth's Natural Body Products said...

Thank you SO much for featuring us! We are honored and delighted that you like our products!!! HollyBeth

HollyBeth's Natural Body Products said...

Thank you SO much for featuring us! We are honored and delighted! HollyBeth