Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review - Avon Nail Experts Smudge Fixer

Fix your nails. color mistakes in seconds!
Unique brush instantly smoothes away smudges and streaks , for a perfectly smooth manicure. Price varies upon seller -- very reasonable.

There is not much to say about this product except it REALLY DOES WORK. If you are rushing your nails or just smudge the polish a bit -- this fixes it. Just keep it handy when doing your nails. It is so much easier and less time consuming than removing the smudged polish and starting over. Funny thing is that I cannot find it on Avon's Web site. I bought it through one of their representatives on sale. However, I found it on EBay for very good prices, even considering s + h. Perhaps it is a discontinued product but, if so, that is their mistake. It is a very handy to have on hand -- just in case.


Lynda said...

I have used this before and would like to re-order,but it is not in the book now. What is the number for it?

Hillary said...

Hello Lynda,
Unfortunately, the reviewer who posted this review no longer reviews for this site. I personally use Orly Smudge Fixer. It works perfectly. The cheapest price (delivered I've found is here: Otherwise, you can find it at any store that sells Nail Salon type nail polish. I found mine @ Harmon Discount. HTH.