Friday, October 10, 2008

Review - Big Sexy Hair What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle

Big Sexy Hair What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle
Get massive hair instantly! What A Tease does it all with elastic volume expanding resins. It is instant big hair. 2.6 oz. Approx. $17

I’m the one who sits in the hairdresser’s chair, looks at the crown of my head and pleads, “I need height!” Not Sopranos ladies hair height (look what happened to poor Adriana!) but a flat crown doesn’t work for my face shape.
Up until I found What a Tease, there were only two options. Root volume sprays—not too thrilled with those. Teasing and spraying the crown area—my hair wasn’t too thrilled with that.
While massive hair or big hair wasn’t my goal, I hoped What a Tease would give me some gentle oomph in the right spot. The product is now my secret hair weapon.
I can’t say I know what “elastic polymers” are, but I do know they produce the little bit of help that I need in getting my hair to frame my face in the way I like. And with no lasting bad effects afterwards.
The directions say to lift the hair in the place you want volume and spritz. I’ve found if I use the end of a rat tail comb to lift the hair, rather than use my hands, I can get the spray in exactly the spot(s) I want. Now if the product would only work on my legs to get my body height up a couple of inches!

Sheba says:

I have used Big Sexy Hair What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle with some pretty good results also. I did like the hint to use the rat tail comb and found that to be very helpful. Actually, sometimes I had thought what is the difference between a product like this --- root lifter --- and/or just plain hair spray?? So I tried to use my hairspray in the same manner but it just did not do the same job. The root lifter seemed to be very similar to this. I do like the volume that seems to be added with the use of this 'tease'. It does what it claims to an extent. Do not use this thinking that you will have the Big Sexy Hair in its name. You will have the appearance of more volume and body but you will not have Big Hair. I guess maybe I should not say that -- I did not. As I said I did not but that doesn't mean that you won't. You will see the appearance of bigger hair. It is definitely worth the investmentif you have very fine or thin hair!


Sidonia said...

I use this stuff and it is awesome, however I tease my hair a tiny bit before spraying it gives it extra volume and makes it stay better...I love it and swear by it.

Sheba said...

Thanks, I tried it and it does help. Appreciate the tip!!