Monday, October 27, 2008

Review - Grampa's Patchouli Soap

Patchouli Oil first became known in Britain about 1820 (Queen Victoria 1819-1901) when used to impregnate Paisley shawls that Indian weavers made for export. They were not able to sell them if not scented with Patchouli. This is a fascinating fragrance enjoying tremendous popularity in the 1860's and said to improve with age. Aloe Vera has a even longer history--going back to Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other ancient people. It is considered to have many benefits and today is widely used for cosmetic application. This combination makes for a Great (Grandma) Soap! Charming lavender-hued oval bar. All purpose: Face, hands, body. An engaging, fascinating fragrance combined with beneficial Aloe Vera.

So, I am a huge sucker for a good bar of patchouli scented soap. I love the spicy tingle in the morning, and I find it more moisturizing than some of the other floral soaps you can find. This Grampa's Soap Co. is a sigh of relief both from my happily cleansed and moisturized skin, but also from my wallet! For only $2.15 (on sale) you can get a 3.25oz bar, that believe me, will last a good long time. I have a sample size and I have been using it about a week, and it doesn't look a bit smaller! The scent is distinctly subtle for a patchouli smell, which is ok for me, but great for people who might not like really spicy soaps as much. It is more like a soft aloe with just the tiniest hint of patchouli, just delicious. It is all natural, and has been around for years. They have plenty of other soap scents too, if your not a patchouli gal.

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