Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review- Nature's Embrace Organics Body Lotion

Condition, soften and soothe your skin, regenerating cells to promote healing. Our purpose is to provide you the finest skin and hair care, using only products in their natural and raw state. Our products are 100% free of parabens, paraffin, perfume, sodium lauryl sulfate and dyes and are environmentally friendly. No animal derived ingredients. $26

Nature's Embrace Organics products are truly unique. Never before have I come across a line so committed to natural ingredients. They show that it is possible to make a quality product without using chemicals that aren't good for your skin. The body lotion is scented lavendermint which I thought I wasn't going to like to be honest, but the combination is surprisingly pleasant and the two scents go well together, smelling very natural. It's very emollient and after several days of using it, my "chicken skin" was seriously diminished. It glides over the skin very well and it doesn't leave you feeling sticky or "smothered" like some creams can. The price may seem a little steep, but go to the website and read the ingredients list and you'll see that it's worth every penny.

Movie Maven says:
I must heartily concur with the good sentiments towards this lotion! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of lavender most of the time, but this scent was light and not overpowering at all. But let's face it - if you're buying Nature's Embrace, you're doing it for the all-natural ingredients, which is a great feature. Plus, they're vegan, which is great for animal-conscious consumers. You'll be pleased to know that the lotion works wonderfully, without having to rely on unnatural ingredients. If you're committed to a natural lifestyle, and willing to plunk down the bucks to stick to it, Nature's Embrace is definitely the way to go.

Maria says:
Again - I will start by saying, I am not usually one who goes for natural products. Trial and error has shown me that natural and me just don't go together all that well (weird, huh?) so I did not have the highest hopes for the body lotion. I had used the facial cleanser and liked that so I thought - what the heck, maybe I'll like the lotion as well. And lo and behold, I did. I will say it is extremely light. Not heavy, greasy or anything like that - you won't drop a glass as soon as you pick it up. You just feel softly moisturized. I'm not a big lavender scent either, but I was not bothered by the scent - it's just a clean, natural scent. My caveat would be that it may not be enough for my skin as the colder weather gets here. Not sure if it will work as effectively as the heavy duty winter moisturizers that I live in, but we'll see. I would highly recommend this line to anyone who was truly committed to using all natural, environment-friendly products. I'm not sure if there is a more natural brand out there with such a lovely line of products.

Joyce says:

There isn’t too much more I can add to the comments made by my fellow bloggers about this product. My skin feels so silky when I use it. The scent is definitely light and fresh (I’d enjoy standing next to someone on the subway who smelled like this product). Personally, I never like any scent I’m wearing to be overpowering; I want someone to be ReallyClose before they know I’m wearing it. I do, however, wish there was a heavier version of this for winter weather. I agree with Maria: When the weather switches to cold and we have to deal with that and indoor heating, I Want Grease! And I prefer organics to synthetics.

Amanda S. Says: like EVERYONE else, i loved this lotion. It smells so great (I had a lavender mint scent) and my skin was supremely soft and awesome after using it even for the first time. After a week of use, my skin stopped feeling itchy and dry like it usually does when the temperature drops in the fall.

Citislicker says:

I love the blend of the mint and lavender. I believe the mint is the stronger component so if you are looking for more relaxing lavender scent this does have more mint to it. I found this lotion to be extremely loose in consistency, it’s runny. I think that when applying to my body it seems like it instantly evaporated into my skin but didn’t leave me skin feeling the usual moisturized and plump. I think this felt like it wasn’t even there. My skin wasn’t tight or uncomfortable but just seems like an invisible coat, I had no problem getting dressed after use. I don’t believe this is for me, if you are looking for light moisture this is a good option!

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