Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Review- Poshe Anti-Microbial Cuticle Oil

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial (Broad Spectrum). No Formaldehyde, No Toulene.

Like I said in my review for Poshe Anti-microbial Basecoat, I get manicures. This time I couldn't find my tools to bring with me to the salon, so I was so happy that I had this cuticle oil. It put my mind at ease because all I really need is a nail fungus, right? Don't we all?! Pu-lease! Anyway this stuff obviously does the trick on my cuticles because they came out flawless & I had the added bonus of a worry free mani/pedi. This is a "must have" for us ladies that like their hands and feet pampered by others.

Sheba says:

This Poshe Anti-Microbial Cuticle Oil is a blessing for people like me. I am constantly picking at the skin around my nails without even realizing it -- until I have created a problem. I might pull off a sliver of skin causing a tiny open cut. Many times these will become infected -- no more. Other times I will yank at a tiny little piece of nail that is at the edge of the nail. Sure enough that tiny piece ends up being a much larger piece when pulled out and I have now caused a cut on the skin right at the nail. I have been applying this oil all around my cuticles, around the edges of the nails, and especially to those little areas and have had no more problems at all. I heartily recommend this product as it does prevent infections -- I know. I got myself out of the habit of biting my nails years ago and have no idea when I developed this bad habit to replace it. This may not cure my bad habit but it makes it a lot safer.

Deedlejuse says:

So.... my story is a little bit different than the others above. I don't generally go and get my nails done. So I don't really have to worry about the salons and such, but I recently lost a toenail. Yes, I know GAG, no nothing makes that look better.... except: Poshe Anti-Microbial Cuticle Oil. I can't say that my nail bed was instantly healed of course, but when I first received this cuticle oil I was psyched because nothing was working. I would put on lotion, lavender oil, anything for a little relief from the tenderness. In about four days the very thick, very tender skin barrier between the new nail and the place it should be was much softer, no longer darker than the other areas, and the nail was growing quicker than I had seen before. Phew!!! and I don't have to worry about infection any more! I think this cuticle oil is awesome, and I have to admit I have never found it necessary in the past. That means this must be a very superior product!
CitySlicker Says:

I, like Deedlejuse don’t get my paws manicured and painted.. Well, for a special occasion I do. I do experience a lot of hang nails. I have dry brittle nails that totally peel. I hate it. First thing this bottle is a hefty size and when I apply I have never had to actually apply pressure on the dropper top, the oil around the outside is enough, I put a tap on each nail and voila perfectly distributed. This has been saving my fingers, I have found that the dry edges of my cuticles are moisturized and I haven’t gotten one infected. I am known to have a little red area that get infected. I think does a great job of moisturizing my nail bad, cuticles and hands. When I have finished working into my nails and cuticles I rub my hands and I get light moisture. I really enjoy using this and truly believe this bottle will last me forever!

Maria says:

What a funky little line this Poshe is - I got the cutest cosmetics bag with their logo on it and I can't wait to travel so I can show it off - just so retro and cute. But I digress...onto the cuticle oil - I too am one who keeps very short nails and don't have them done - I also "pretend" to know how to play the guitar, so I do have to keep the nails short or else I sound even worse than normal - this feels really nice going into the nail bed. I just dot it on the center of all five of my fingers on one hand, then slowly massage the oil in then repeat on the other side. My nail beds are so dry lately - I don't know why - but this really helps with that and brings a lovely natural shine to them as well. It takes literally 30 seconds, but it's a nice treat and really worth it - your fingernails will thank you. The bottle will last quite a while too!

Joyce says:

I had “something” going on, on my fingernails and toenails (not the same thing, though). Both had been present for over a year. Nothing I tried made a difference. One thing was for sure: I never went without colored polish on my finger- or toenails! The first time I used this oil I removed all the polish, of course, and used a buffing stick on my fingernails. I applied the oil to both sets of nails. I also used Poshe’s basecoat (for a separate review) and within two days, noticed my “problems” in both areas disappearing. Using these two products together, my nails haven’t looked this good in years. In fact, I’ve been using just these two items (no color) for weeks. I really do prefer the natural look. To say I’m pleased that this oil does what Poshe promises is an understatement.

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