Saturday, October 4, 2008

Review - Bax Scrubb

Of all the crazy inventions out there, this one is my favorite!! My store just started carrying this product, and because I am the girliest girl who works here I got to take one home and use it. This product isn't one that I necessarily was like "hmmmmm... I wish I had a Bax Scrubb right now, 'cause my back is so dirty!" But I'm lovin' it! It is basically a shower pad (like the things with suction cups that prevent you from falling in the shower) with loofa-like pad on the top. The pad is a little scratchy, because it is so new, so they say to only scrub for 20 seconds. I used it for my feet as well as my back and elbows, and it really does work. The only thing I would recommend is that you sort of push it around from side to side on your shower so that it really sticks. I have one of those plastic showers and it fell off when I first tried to use it, but it just needed a good push. And just a warning: my boyfriend was late for work today because he took so long in the shower , I mean seriously what guy would not want a permanant back scratcher in his shower???
I think the absolute best part of this little gem is the packaging, what a good shot! Seriously though, how great a gift would this be super useable, and funny!

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