Monday, October 13, 2008

Review - Natures Embrace Organics Four Step Full Product Pack

Four Step Full Product Pack Four Steps to Beautiful Skin in 21 days includes:Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner Healing Face Cream, Facial Mask

So, I have been using this four step facial care line for just under the recommended 21 days... and I already have to rave about the results. I feel beautiful, my skin is blemish free and completely radiant. When I started using this line I was under some significant stress at work, and my skin was taking a beating as a result. I had a few blemishes, and I just looked rather worn out and dull. It is unusual for my normal to dry skin to really get pimples, so I was happy to try anything to fight it off. I began with the mud mask, followed by the cleanser, toner and then cream. The mud mask is only used twice a week, but I used the last trio every morning and evening since I received it about 2 weeks ago. The mud mask is slightly drying for me, but when used in conjunction with the cream and the toner the effects were really just momentary. The only complaint I had was the smell, all of them smell really natural, not that I'm complaining about that, but I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the smell of the mud mask every time I used it. The cleanser has a very light smell, and reminded me of Castille Soap. The toner is gorgeous, and smells slightly of rose geranium, it will be your favorite part of the process. The cream was not my favorite, although it works really well, and leaves your skin looking to die for, it is rather thick and you really feel like your wearing it. It also smells distinctly of patchouli, not a smell I dislike but one I would rather my face did not smell of. Luckily, the smell fades pretty quickly. The cream is, I would think, a little too thick for my normal skin during the summer time, but during the Autumn it is just enough moisture. The company is very cool, and all of the products are 100% natural, vegan, and gluten free, which is a breath of fresh air in my book. If you have been looking for a truly superior Raw, Organic product line I would definitely recommend Nature's Embrace Organics.

Joyce says:

I’m wearing the mask as I write this. The scent my co-blogger mentioned is to me like quality, organic soy or tamari sauce, which makes me think of how beneficial these are for the body when ingested. So, my thoughts are the mask is doing something good. Of course, the fact that my skin looks and feels really good provides evidence the products perform. The mask goes on in a thin layer which means the mess of rinsing off a thicker mask doesn’t happen. I like the fact that each product has a unique scent based on ingredients included for a specific purpose. The only thing I’d suggest is that two creams be offered: regular and for more mature or drier skin. My skin tends to like a little extra. I also really appreciate that the facial cream can be used under and around the eyes. One thing about the toner . . . the instructions say to spritz it on and wait 20 minutes before using the cream. I can go 2 minutes then my skin says, “Lube me now!” So, I do. A funny thing happened on the second day I used this line. It was a Saturday. I’d bathed, used the entire line, applied mineral powder, and took a much-needed nap about two hours later. When I woke and saw myself in the mirror, I was glowing. I’m serious. It was as though my face was illuminated from inside. I must have stared at my face for several minutes thinking, “Wow.”

Sheba says:

I am close to the 21 days, but I feel qualified enough to thoroughly endorse the Natures Embrace Organics Four Step Full Product Pack wholeheartedly. I am not your typical user for Organic products -- my skin usually craves all the chemical ingredients that are not 'best' for it. Perhaps, that is because I have used those products for so long that it is addicted to them. Anyway, this package delivers. My skin looks glowing -- just as Joyce described!! I will defer on the scent descriptions as I just cannot truly say what they remind me of-- only that they were not bad. I actually liked them all. I do not really usually like Masks but this is so thin and is removed so easily that I honestly love it. The cleanser is incredible (did a separate review for it). The toner is non-drying and does tone!! It contains all good things for the skin and my skin did soak it up even though it is used to the chemicals it usually gets. The cream is a bit thick but was immediately swallowed up by the skin and the results are truly amazing. Deedlejuse said it best--'to die for'. Something good for your skin that works miracles --it is worth the investment. The site offers a 35% introductory discount on your first purchase -- quite a savings. Even without the discount -- you are getting 4 products that WORK for your money.

CitySlicker Says:
I have only been using this for 14 days so I am a week shy of the recommended 21 days. I started everything out by stopping the use of my other cleansers, moisturizer (day), toner & masks. I begin the regime by cleansing and moving onto the mud mask. I found it to be nice & loose so it was very easy to apply, not like some that are thick like a mud frosting. I left it on longer than I should have and began to resemble a crumbling crypt keeper. I found that a little warm water on a soft cloth was all I needed to see that my skin looked flush and fresh. I totally think that this mask helped slough all the dullness away and made my skin very smooth and soft.
I moved right onto the toner. I am not a rosy gal but can appreciate the soothing feeling of this lightly scented spritz. My gauge for a good toner is the proof on the pad and I swept over my face to find that this does pick up the excess oil and deposits hydration in it's place. I enjoy using this and have been doing so morning and night since trying it. I don't really notice the scent now so if you are scent conscious don't worry you become immune it and don't notice it after a few days..
I really like the cleanser. It's no nonsense, gets all of my makeup off, is very gentle and non drying.. a combination that many have attempted but few prevail in! I do notice a very faint scent. This is my favorite item of the 4 products and a little goes a long way.
Moving on, the cream is a heavier formula but exactly what my skin needs so no complaints from me. I enjoy using a product that brings an extra pop of moisturizing power. My skin has been a little dry from the weather so by the end of the day my makeup can look a little flaky. Since using the Nature's Embrace line I have had only good days without flaky. I even use the cream at night to help hold in the moisture. This line is lovely and obviously well thought out from people who not only sell the line but use it. I will continue to use until my products are scraped out of the containers! Thanks Nature's Embrace!

Hillary says:

I only got a few items from this line. The Mud Mask is one of them. I was a but skeptical putting it on because as it dried, it started feeling tight. My ultra-dry skin doesn't like tight. But I decided to stick it out for the 20 minutes and see what happened. I'm glad I did. After rubbing the mask off with warm water, my skin is glowing. I did need to moisturize after, but I would have had to do that under any circumstances. The only downside is the smell. It smells at first a little like vinegar, a smell that disappates as it dries. The smell is a small price to pay, however, for such a natural, organic product.

Maria Says:

As it turns out, my favorite item in this line is the toner, followed closely by the cleanser. I have really come to love those two items. I think I may have been far too spoiled by other masks I have used -- and not that I didn't like the mask, I just didn't love the mask. It does give a nice glow though, I, like Hillary above, had to moisturize after b/c my skin felt tight. The moisturizer is very light and would do me well on days that I don't need that extra something, but b/c my skin is so dry and especially since we are headed for colder/dryer weather, my skin needs the big guns as far as moisturization goes. I have said in other posts that for some reason I do better with chemicals than an all natural line - I don't know why. I almost wish it weren't so. However, I would say that this is a superior line of natural, organic products and I have plenty of friends who swear by organic that I could wholeheartedly endorse this line to. I think there are going to be a lot of people who will "embrace"' this line - and everything it stands for.

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