Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review - Bath and Body Works Hello Sugar Crystalline Body Splash

Add a layer of sweetness all about you with this flirty, tastefully tart lemon sugar body splash. Imported. SIZE: 6 fl oz/177 mL $12.50

Perhaps I should start out by telling the truth -- I saw this and thought it was a more inexpensive way to get one of my very favorite scents, fresh's Lemon Sugar. After all, look at the description. Well, my plan did not work: it does not replicate my favorite. However, I do have to admit that Hello Sugar Crystalline Body Splash is not bad at all -- for what it is. It has a very nice fragrance of its own which is a combination of the tart lemon and sugar - just not in the same league as fresh. Also, this is a body splash rather than a perfume or cologne and, as such, it needs more frequent refreshing. It is a nice body splash and you will probably enjoy it even more if you have not encountered the fresh product. It is a pleasant scent which is very refreshing. I happen to be addicted to the combination of Sugar and Lemon and it works very nicely as a body splash.

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