Thursday, October 16, 2008

Review - Expeel Exfoliation Miracle Cloth

A lite version of our best-seller Exfolia™ cloth. ExPEEL™ is a softer, lighter, facial cloth at a smaller size and $6.99 price. Perfect for delicate nooks and crannies of ears, eyes, and face. Excellent for exfoliation, removing eye makeup, and cleaning of facial skin – in one simple step! Ultrafine fibers scoop dead cells, dirt, impurities from skin surface without chemicals, expense, or invasiveness.EXPEEL™ gives you cleaner, healthier, glowing skin via a safe and sensible natural path. $6.99 SRP.EXPEEL™ gives you cleaner, healthier, smoother, glowing skin via a safe and sensible natural technique. EXPEEL™ is washable and lasts for 50 to 70 treatments - a terrific value. For all skin and ethnic types. One 5.5 x 8” square cloth per pillow box. $6.99 SRP.

Actually I was not going to tell anyone I bought one of these -- I thought I was a sucker. I was wrong -- this really does what it says it is going to do. You simply soak it in warm water and use whatever facial cleanser you want with it. Gently wash your face and you can feel it cleaning and exfoliating. It is not like sandpaper but it is not a smooth cloth. I swear I can feel my pores being cleaned out and blackheads are not in sight. It is definitely worth the investment. The web site gives you locations where you can purchase this and if there is not one close to you --- perhaps a call to one to see if they will send it by mail. This little cloth is dynamite -- I have to get myself a supply of them. They can be washed and used for months according to the information provided.

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