Sunday, October 12, 2008

Review - Nature's Embrace Organics Facial Toner

Restore your skin's natural luster with raw nutrients that will protect from dehydration, sun damage, aging and harsh chemicals. Softens fine lines and diminish pores while removing impurities and bacteria.

I'll say this first: this toner is fine. It's not a miracle product, but it's certainly not a bad one. Because I was using it with the facial cleanser, it's hard for me to tell how exactly effective it was, but it worked all right. I did have a packaging problem with this product, however. Now, normally, I don't remark on the labels, method of dispensation, etc. of the products we review unless they're really cute or useful. Unfortunately, in this case, the dispenser of this product is totally inappropriate. It's a spray bottle. For toner. Which, to me, seems very inefficient. You can't really apply it to a cotton ball without spritzing it a LOT of times, and if you spray it directly on your face, I feel like it's not really "working." The only other option is to take the cap off and apply it to a cotton ball, and then you're wrangling with the spray cap,'s just not pretty. While I don't have any major problems with the product itself, the packaging, in this case, would prevent me from buying it.

Amanda S. Says:

I actually really liked the way this product was dispensed in the spritz bottle. I normally, if I use a toner at all, use the kind you apply to a cotton ball by flipping it over onto the cotton. This is kind of messy since I'm generally messy anyway. I really liked the spray for that reason, and also because i felt like i wasn't using too much of the product and wasting it. I could spray a little on the cotton square and just rub it over my face. I can tell this bottle is going to last much longer than a regular toner. The best part was that it didn't dry out my skin but did give it a really clean feeling after also using the daily facial cleanser. I would definitely use this again.

Sheba says:
I see all the good features to the sprtiz dispenser like Amanda does. I find it very efficient. I like the toner for the following reasons: it is so easy to apply and it works!! You can see and feel the results in your skin. Your face is not dried out as with many toners. In fact, it is just the opposite -- your skin is so smooth and hydrated and feels so clean and fresh. Actually I used this in conjunction with the 4 product package and I did a review on the total package as well. If you love you skin and want to give it some serious care, here is one product that will do what it promises.

Maria says:
Hands down my favorite product in the line. Love this toner. It's fresh, clean, invigorating and you actually feel like you are really toning the skin. There's no dryness or tightness - just glowy, fresh, skin. It makes your face perk up if that makes sense. I actually spritz this over my make up too before I walk out the door and it gives my face a dewy, hydrated glow - this is a fine, fine product and one I would not even blink an eye to order again. I think you could use this toner any time anywhere, not just in the a.m. or p.m. after cleansing. I was already thinking of taking it with me the next time I travel for instant hydration and smoothing.

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