Monday, October 6, 2008

Review - Ocean Potion H2O Sport Continuous Spray SPF30

Ocean Potion® H2O Water Sport SPF 30 with Parsol® 1789 Continuous Spray offers ultimate water resistance in a quick dry mist. H2O high performance broad spectrum mist provides defense against UVA I, II and UVB exposure in a one touch, clean application. For quick and even coverage, this formula includes application. For quick and even coverage, this formula includes durable waterproofing agents to insure long lasting sun protection. H2O Sport Instant Dry Continuous Spray SPF 30, 6oz $9.99

I have used this Ocean Potion H2O Sport Continuous Spray SPF30 Instant Dry SPF 30 Mist several times now. I really like it -- it is so much less messy than your usual sun protection. It does not dry instantly but it does dry very quickly. Actually I think this is purposeful - it even mentions in the directions to watch for moist skin so that you know you have done that area. It has a pleasant scent to it that does for the most part fade pretty fast. A trace of fragrance is left along with the sun protection. It has the SPF 30 that is the least SPF recommended by many professionals. So many sun blocks are only 15 SPF which is useless to people who want real protection. It smartly recommends to reapply after being in the water, towel drying, etc. Most of all it does protect. I stayed out in the sun for a bit over an hour and was my usual pale self when I came in!! There was not even a tinge of red. I would defintely recommend this for those of us who like our sun protection to be easy to apply and much less messy to use. Like I mentioned, I used it several times and the can in still pretty full so I believe I will get my money's worth before I run out of it.

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to (almost) completely agree with Sheba on this Sunscreen. The can I received was Extra Waterproof, but still probably a comparable product and I have to rave about it! I have actually used quite a few spray sunblocks in my time, I am a self proclaimed beach bum since I grew up on Nantucket....And this is the first one that actually really did "instantly" soak in. Most sprays stay really nasty and sticky for at least a while, but in some cases until you actually shower after the beach, who needs that??? This spray literally takes a second and the scent was light, but lingered for a little bit. The best part was that it really did not feel like I was wearing anything at all, even lotion, but I was completely protected. All in all my experience was really good. I stayed out in the sun for almost 6 hours each (5 or 6) time I used it, I did re-apply a few times each trip, but no burns or anything yet! Woohoo!!

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