Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Review - PeaceKeeper Lip Gloss in Eternal Equity

Blondes and Dirty Blondes LOVE our new Eternal Equity Lip Gloss. Also a great color for women with auburn and orange hair tones. The color is a great sheer lip gloss over any lipstick color for women of all nationalities though the sheer dusty rose color will get lost on olive or brown skin tones. What will be noticeable is a shiny glossiness to the lips.

Oh My God, I have fallen head-over-heals in love with this company. Like, I feel emotional and sort of teary when I read their policies and mission statement. I love all of their employees, and I want to work for them! Ok I know, that sounds extreme but seriously just go to their site and look around a little bit. I am positive that every one of you out there will love them too. Even if their product sucked I would purchase from them. Luckily, their product is as awesome as their idea. I was given a Lip Gloss in Eternal Equity, an absolutely beautiful dusty rose (see color description above and.... um, isn't it cool that they included that!!!!) color that really is just perfect for my blond pink/pale complection. It feels so nice on my lips, I even find that if my lips are chapped I grab for this lip gloss instead of any of my trusty chap sticks. It is 75% organic, completely natural, never tested on animals, and 100% of their distributable profits to charity! No kidding, it is what is called an "all benefit" company. personally I have never heard of something so wonderful for our planet. Please, please, please go check them out, for all of us!


Sheba said...

Wow, this is like the 'Newman's Own" products -- only it is all cosmetics instead of food. Have to keep their site as a favorite. Thanks for letting everyone know about them

deedlejuse said...

I totally agree! I'm so excited, we are going to be selling them at my store as of tomorrow! As though I wasn't in enough trouble with just the perfumes..... Now I'll never have a paycheck!