Sunday, October 12, 2008

Review - Dove Cream Oil Body Wash

Natural oil in 1/4 moisturizing cream. Here's a body wash that moisturizes your skin better than any regular body wash. Dove has embedded skin-loving natural oil in a rich cream - the result is the dreamy-creamy consistency of a cream with the silky-smooth skin feel from an oil. Intensely moisturizing, but sensationally lathering. Indulging to senses, but nourishing to skin. Rich in oil, but not oily. What a beautiful contradiction. Try Ultra Rich, if your skin just can't get enough. 10 oz. $5.99

This body wash really is tremendously moisturizing- I love it! After using it for a few days I had absolutely no reason to apply a lotion, my skin feels so silky smooth and hydrated. The shower cream is a really interesting texture, not oily at all, really more like a lotion but then it lathers amazingly well when you apply it to a shower pouf. I only used it this way, because it is my favorite way to use any kind of shower gel or cream. The smell of this body wash is heavenly, not overly perfumy, and not super floral. It is more woody and rich, which really added to my shower experience. For the price this body wash rocks!

Sheba says:
This is one very hard working body wash. It does a luxurious job of cleansing while at the same time nourishing your skin with moisture. It is more like a lotion when you use it but fear not -- it does a fantastic job of lathering up and feeling great while cleaning. I think that feeling might be because your skin is drinking up the moisture. When you finish rinsing off you will love the feeling and the look to your skin. It actually saves you the step of putting on body cream after you shower. You won't need it when you use this Dove Cream Oil Body Wash. I trust Deedlejuse's description of the fragrance much better than mine -- as that is her business and she knows it. I love the scent and it is not overpowering at all. It is not a heavy scent like some body washes have. All in all, this is a top performer for the price. Most Dove products, including this Body Wash, frequently go on sale and you can often find coupons for them. You will feel that you have invested wisely even if you do have to pay the full price -- but check around first.

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