Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review- HollyBeth Candle – Amor

Sweet overtones of Lavender essential oil aide relaxation and soothe away stress while Rose Geranium balances the nervous system and helps to relive anxiety. HollyBeth’s AMOR Lavender & Rose Geranium Candle is hand-poured and contains no petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, boosters or colorants. 5% of sales donated to Atlanta Pet Rescue. - $20; 3 oz.

It’s always a good thing when a product is natural-based, doesn’t pollute, lasts, and in this case, contributes to a good cause. The scent is pleasing and I always love the feeling a burning candle gives me. However . . . three ounces of candle came out to two and one-quarter inches in the glass container, with a two-inch diameter across the circle that narrows in circumference towards the bottom of the glass. I wish I’d timed it more carefully, because I got busy every time I lit it and don’t recall how much burn-time I got. The recommendation on the box it came in states not to burn it once you get down to one-half inch. The candle was pleasing and performed as promised. As to whether you decide to buy it, I suggest you do the math to see how you feel about it; yet, if 100,000 people bought a candle, that would give the Atlanta Pet Rescue $100,000 to work with. Your call.

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