Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review - Nature's Embrace Organics Facial Cleanser

Cleanse your skin with pure nutrients that help to heal your face from the ravages of acne and other skin irritations. This gentle cleanser is developed to restore, protect and purify your skin. $24.95 Site offers a First Time Introductory Offer of 35% of any purchase.

Overall, I've been very happy with the Nature's Embrace line - their body products are wonderful, and their commitment to natural products is great. Unfortunately, in the case of the facial cleanser, I think the all-natural route makes the product inappropriate for certain skin types...sadly, that would be my skin type. As the resident greasy-faced gal of Beautifile, I found that my oily skin reacted badly with this facial cleanser, even breaking out more than normal when I used it, rather than less. Perhaps because the cleanser is composed of a lot of oils? Perhaps because it contains no salicylic acid? I don't know. But whatever the reason, I would not recommend this product to anyone with problem skin or oily skin. Perhaps the other ladies had a different experience with a different skin type, but in my case, this cleanser just didn't work.

Deedlejuse Says:

My experience with this cleanser was quite different from Movie Maven's. I have normal to dry skin, with the tendency to get very dry if I use a cleanser that is too harsh. This cleanser was very gentle and non-abrasive for me. It worked very well , and actually cleared up a few spots I had gotten before I started to use it. I was very pleased with the results.

Maria says:
Like Deedlejuse, I have normal to dry - more on the dry side and like her I too get tight and dry if the cleanser is not just right. I had recently fallen in love with another cleanser but wanted to really give the Nature's Embrace a Fair Shot, so I made sure I had it in the shower with me so that I would use it every morning - I would say that of the entire line, it was my favorite product. The scent was clean and fresh and it was mild, non irritating, not drying, but your face felt clean and pure. Quite nice and a very pleasant surprise! I say this b/c I am not one to easily like the more natural products - for whatever reason, my skin likes chemicals! So, again, a pleasant surprise.

Hillary says:

I didn't get the whole line like the other girls, but I did get the cleanser. At first I was a little concerned because it doesn't rinse off your hands very easily. But for some reason, it does rinse off your face entirely. Don't ask me how this happens, it's a mystery. It rinses off leaving my dry skin feeling clean and not at all tight. I also enjoy the fresh, natural smell. They don't use sudsing agents in Nature's Embrace products, but this cleanser still suds up a little and washes away make-up beautifully. This is a really great cleanser with just enough "oomph" and nothing you don't need in a cleanser. Natural and wonderful.

Sheba says:

Well, it looks like it might depend on your skin type for Nature's Embrace Organics Facial Cleanser as is true for just about every cleanser on the market. Okay, I am a combination -- I have sort of normal/dry skin surrounding the usual oily triangle. I used it twice a day as suggested and even went so far as to use it three times a day in the oily area since that also was a suggestion for oily. It has a truly refreshing scent which made it a pleasure to use. I found it to be mild, but effective. My skin seems to really enjoy this cleanser and it rewards me for using it. It looks and feels clean, fresh and smooth. These results were all over my face. Both the normal/dry area as well as the oily area responded extremely well to this cleanser. I am like Maria inasmuch as my skin usually prefers the chemicals -- don't ask me why or how. . . but it does. However, it proved that it does not discriminate--it loves this cleanser. The cost is in the range of most cleansers and they do have that introductory offer of 35% off, if this is your first purchase. I am wondering if you bought 3 or 4 separate items for your first purchase would the discount apply to all!!

Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, I had a good experience with this product, especially in conjunction with the toner. I love that it doesn't have all the SLS sudsing additives in it because this always freaks me out (I have ridiculously sensitive skin). I found it worked really well, even with my freak out skin and even though it was gentle, it made my skin feel clean and less prone to breaking out.

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