Friday, October 3, 2008

Review- Archipelago Pomegranate Hand Creme

Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Hand Crème is formulated to help keep skin looking young, and healthy. Natural Pomegranate, White Tea, Jojoba, Chamomile and Grape Seed extracts help keep skin moisturized and protected by environmental free radicals that age the skin. $25.00

Holy cr*p I love this hand lotion. I brought it to work today and everyone's coming over to my office and using it over and over again. It is so smooth and silky and gets rid of that dry feeling after washing your hands with harsh office bathroom soap. It's better than any lotion I've had sitting on my desk so far, that's for sure. And I love Archipelago's consistent committment to great ingredients and supremely high grade products. This stuff ROCKS. the smell is great. Perfect for an awesome gift for someone.

Movie Maven says:

Amanda's right...this lotion is so good, it makes me want to use four-letter words. the pomegranate scent is fruity without being overbearing, and it's so, so lusciously creamy. I was baking all day and washing a LOT of dishes, and just a little bit of this stuff brought my hands back to wonderful softness. It's a little on the pricey side for just everyday use, but again my co-reviewer is right: anyone would be pleased as punch to get this as a gift!

Joyce says:

Archipelago was wise to call it crème rather than cream because it’s like lightly whipped cream rather than heavy cream (or grease). The top note when you first apply it is fruity and has green tones, to my nose (think botanicals, freshness of nature). As it settles onto and into the skin, it gets quite soft scent-wise. It’s a hand crème, but I put it all over my body the other day. When I was out with a friend of mine that day and we saw a mutual friend, she said, “Someone smells amazing!” I told her it was me and what it was. “Where can I get that?!” was what she said next. She admitted she doesn’t like perfume or cologne, but she’d love to wear this scent. She was very excited to learn it’s a crème. Back to the product . . . There’s an immediate smoother appearance on my skin when I put it on; but remember I said it’s a crème, not a “grease.” This is very (pardon the pun) handy since it’s inconvenient to use a hand cream only to have to wipe some of it off before you touch anything.

Sheba says:

Archipelago Botanicals Pomegranate Hand Creme is such a delightful discovery. It is all that everyone else has said. It goes on so smoothly and you only need a little dab to do the job. I have been using it as a body creme as well as a hand creme once in a while. It just moisturizes your skin in one swoop and leaves it so silky smooth and feeling great. The scent is not strong, strong!! I have a problem with lotions, creams, and cremes that overpower you. This does go on a tiny bit strong but dissipates incredibly fast, leaving you with just enough scent to enjoy it without being overbearing. This particular Pomegranate scent is wonderfully clean, fruity and fresh. all at the same time. You will not smell like a bowl of fruit -- you will have a light fragrance about you which not only you will enjoy. People you encounter notice the wonderfully light scent just as Joyce's friend did. How can you go wrong -- it works wonders with your skin while leaving you with a terrific scent. The ingredients are wonders for your skin. I have mentioned that I need to wash my hands several times a day as my pooch is a licker -- so I do have to use this on my hands more than the usual user. However, the little dab I use lets this last and last. The price is a little high, however, everything about it warrants the price. Everyone else mentioned what a great gift this would make and they are on target. But treat yourself right - buy one for you also.

Deedlejuse says:

I agree with everyone above. This hand creme is absolutely wonderful. I love it. It smells like a fruit bowl of wonderfulness, we all know, that true pomegranate smell can be a little much...... this is so different. It is lightly scented with a wonderful crisp citrus that has red fruity notes and a little bit of green. The creme itself is so nice, my hands look soooooo much nicer than they did pre-hand creme! It isn't greasy at all and soaks in in seconds. Like I have said a thousand times Archipelago makes a really nice product, you don't need to worry about ordering anything from their site because it will be wonderful!

Hillary says:

Not to sound like a band wagoneer, but I also love this hand cream. It smells absolutely edible. Also it fits my criteria for a daytime hand cream in that it absorbs completely. I already had high expectations of this cream because it's by Archipelago Botanicals and I've never been dissappointed by any of their products. As Joyce said, I'm using this on my legs as well as my hands and it works wonderfully there as well. It comes in a generous 4.8 oz. tube and a little goes a long way. If you're looking for your winter hand savior, look no further!

CitySlicker Says:

I was delighted to get my paws on this handcream. I find myself using one, then moving on, then going back. I was in the market to switch off of one and use another. I totally find that when you mix your products up, you never get tired of them. This is a delight to use, it’s a crisp tangy scent that couldn’t be blended any better. I use only a pea sized portion a few times a day and my hands look nourished and feel hydrated and smooth. I do find that I need to apply after washing my hands but that it with just about every hand cream. One of the best features is the dry down isn’t long and the finish is velvety smooth with no greasy build-up... One other cool thing is this works wonders with the night cotton gloves. I slather about a nickel sized portion, slide on the gloves and go to sleep and wake to results are baby soft hands and the smell to die for! One other thing, this tube is like a work of art, so I leave it out for all to see, too pretty to conceal! Great Line!

Maria says:

Sorry, I'm so late to the show on this review and I don't know why because I instantly fell for this handcream. Yum! I have kicked my others off my nighttable and here this one sits. Instantly hydrated, moisturized hands -- but not greasy. Your hands just feel soft. What a concept! Oh, and the scent!! It's divine - not too tangy or fruity or floral - it just smells awesome. Totally unique from anything else. I dare not take it to work and put it on my desk for fear that everyone will use it...I'm going to have to try what City Slicker did with the night cotton gloves - sounds like such a pampering treat. I love the tube design too. Very pretty! Another winner from Archipelago - what a unique and wonderful line full of one-of-a-kind products and scents, and beautiful packaging to boot.

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