Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review - The Solution by Envision Beauty

The World's finest all in one skincare formula... Right now you buy one and get one free for $74.00

I am in love with this solution. It's really nice and light upon application but is packed with acai, goji, vitamins a, b5, C & E and many other goodies that does a skin good. I use this in the am.. I apply directly to clean skin and it almost immediately sinks in. My skin then feels plump and hydrated, I swear it locks in the moisture after washing in the shower. My skin seems brighter and I feel like my complexion is clearer and more vibrant. This is a perfect product to use now with the transition of the weather boost the skin, feed it and it will repay you with looking healthier and feeling softer.. I would jump on the 2 for one also.. Great price and a pleasure to use!! I wouldn't mind an industrial sized container to just dip myself in!

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