Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

Achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease (no sharpening required)! Glide on the dark soft gel “liner” to create dramatic definition to the eyes. $3.00
e.l.f.'s studio line has more chic packaging and a slightly higher price point than their regular products. The shadow stick line is a great product for $3.00. I have it in black liner with the smoke shadow. The black liner is easy to apply, so you don't need to go heavy. It glides on and is very black, it also is retractable so if you are heavy you can twist out a small amount so you don't break it. I don't line the inside of my eyes EVER so I use this on my lash line when I am wearing fake eye lashes; it really helps hide any bit that would appear to be false. The liner goes on smoothly and creates a nice straight line. I do notice that the only downfall is that it does smudge easily and can feather. I luckily carry the ELF shine eraser wipes so clean up is quick and easy.
The gem of this set is the smoke shadow - this goes on so smooth and deposits a soft smooth application that has GREAT pigment. You'll swear you are using a premier shadow, not a "recession-friendly" product. The color is great, a medium platinum gray. I love this and found application to be so easy and it looks great in the crease of my eye. It stays on throughout the day with only minimal creasing. I am really hoping more colors will be added to the selection - right now there are only four options. Next on my list is the pearl / glow. This smoke is a great color for day and apply a little heavier for night.

Amanda S. Says:
I really love this eyeliner, when I cracked it open I thought 'great, some complicated gizmo....' but really, it the shadow and eyeliner work great together and it's so easy to carry it around. The last time I got a 'combo' thing like this... the caps fell off and the stuff got ruined! But this has survived the nightmare of my purse for over a week so far, I'm glad to say. As for the liner, I haven't had one go on smoother, and that's even comparing it to liners upward of $15 in price. The shadow I think is cute, although I am not sure I will use it as much as other shadows I have. This is a steal at this price, if you use eyeliner all the time and HATE how expensive it can be and also hate when it goes on all messy, get this!

Movie Maven says: Once again, e.l.f. has blown my mind with their value products. $3.00?? What? $3.00 for just the eyeliner would be a steal - it's smooth, has a great retractable feature, is crazy dark black (a plus in my book, but fair girls be forewarned), and stays pretty well in place. I found the amount of smudging to be on par with most drugstore brands - there was a bit, but nothing major.
But then - to include the shadow stick as well? Stick a fork in me, ladies, I'm done. I am a very lazy woman, as well as a consummate snoozer in the mornings, so something that is quick and easy to apply is ideal for me. The shadow stick twists up, you swipe it on, and you're good to go. I found the need to reapply the shadow after a day of wearing it, but what girl wouldn't want to pump up her look a bit before going out for after-work drinks? A plus plus.

Hillary says: Products that multi-task have a special place in my heart (and my purse). This dual purpose sweetheart from e.l.f. is no exception. My stick is in black (eyeliner) and smoke (eyeshadow) and is perfect for the "smokey eye on the go". As I'm sure I've mentioned on this site in the past, I often put my make-up on on the subway on my way to Manhattan. Call me tacky, but it saves me time and the lighting is great. To this end I have to carry everything with me (minus foundation which I do at home). This stick fits right in with my arsenal with a liner which is neither too soft nor too hard and a creamy, blendable shadow. One caveat about this particular color of eyeshadow, make sure to end your application at least a 1/2 inch below your brows and blend up. The first time I applied it I put it too high and it made me look like my eyebrows had grown by leaps and bounds; it stuck right in there. The next time I used it I took my own advice and got a perfect sultry look. For an even softer look you could apply the shadow and go over it with a foam applicator sponge- ever so lightly. That would give you a nice blend. And as you've read above- it's $3. Why $3 and not $1 as e.l.f. usually is? Well e.l.f. has recently released their new "Studio" line (roll your mouse over Studio on the main page of their website). This new collection is chock-full of double duty products which are perfect for ladies on the go. There are also all new Studio brushes which encompass some of the harder to find brushes. I'm totally getting the Studio brow set which comes with a wax and a powder and I'm thinking I can "splurge" and get the Studio Mini Makeup Collection for $15. Check out the site and they'll even recommend products and colors especially for you!

Sheba says the $3 price is outrageous! I am not complaining --it is so amazing. I have a storage area full of liners that I never learned how to use or they didn't look right or something. Believe me, they all cost a lot more than $3 and I gave them plenty of chances!! This took all of one try to look good -- it actually looked like I knew what I was doing. The shadow goes on as easily and you can get a light, medium or heavy look by adding a little more or just wiping a little off -- it stays pretty well and I agree with Movie Maven -- you want to refresh it before heading out at night. However, that is nothing against this product -- I do that with any shadow that I wear. I want to look fresh, even if I don't feel that way. So investing $3 is well worth it for this combo. I think it is a terrific bargain!!

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