Friday, May 29, 2009

Review - Arbonne Intelligence Daily Eye Cream

This fast-absorbing formula is light-reflecting and helps minimize the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. .52oz #491; $28

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Can I just first off mention what a great price this eye cream is! 1/2 an oz. at many other places would set you back much more, especially for such an exceptional cream. I was really delighted with the results. I thought that this product alone was my stand out favorite, it is also the one that you can really tell is working all on it's lonesome as opposed to just being part of the party. It absorbs quickly, as advertised, and I thought really reduced the puffy look I sometimes get after a bad night's sleep. I am 24 and there really are not any fine-lines to report back on, but I will say the skin around my eyes feels really soothed, moisturized and happy. Another nice plus is the fact that my eyes never burned from run off, like at the gym or in the rain. This is actually a common problem for me with Eye Cream so I was really happy to find it blissfully absent. I will definitely repurchase this eye cream again, with or without the rest of the set!

Amanda S. Says: I too don't have any serious lines around my eyes, but as I have posted many times before, I rub my eyes senseless from having them get so tired reading and writing at work constantly. So the skin does get irritated and annoyed at me and dries out visibly after the harder days I have. Yesterday, sadly, was such a day, and I put this product to the test. I was really happy to see that my skin plumped up instantly, smoothed over, and all those teeny little itty bitty lines disappeared and my eyes looked fresh and awake for the rest of the night!

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