Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Arbonne Intelligence Daily Balancer

This everyday balancer is formulated to effectively remove final traces of cleanser, without drying of upsetting the skin's essential moisture barrier. 6fl. oz #487; $22.50

This is another product that will not come up on the Arbonne website, to purchase use the product code when checking out, or just get the whole set + a complimentary Skin Conditioning Oil for $143.50 by using product code #725, so worth it!

I will be honest, it was really difficult for me to get a good read on this Balancer. We were sent those annoying foil packets of products, so while the other products I was able to use at least three to four times out of each packet (and we got five sets of packets!) I inevidably lost the contents to the back of the sink after one use with the Balancer. I will say that I thought when I used this product as well the entire experience was much nicer, my skin was much more pliant and it just felt really good. There was a very light flowery smell, but it really just helped keep the moisture in the skin and the extras away. From what I can tell, I really liked the way this product worked. It is very gentle, which is great for my sensitive skin. All in all the whole line was great, I love the way my skin looks after a few weeks of use, but I would reccomend getting the whole line as opposed to just one part.

Amanda S. Says: I'm starting to feel like Deedee and I are sharing the same Arbonne experience entirely! I too had trouble getting enough use out of the samples we were given, but I will try to give a fair read also. I have never really used any cleanser that was considered a 'balancer' but I figure, I can use all the balancing help I can get so why not? And I agree wholeheartedly with the above, from what I experienced, the tinge of irritation and redness I get after washing my face didn't happen today, whether or not that's a coincidence, I'm not 100% sure, but it's doubtful. I think this light airy balancer somehow told my skin to relax, and it did!

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