Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Lancome Color Design Lipcolor

Dress your lips in new Color Design Lipcolor for full coverage, smooth hold and sensational effects in one coat. Creams, sheens, shimmers and metallics -- four modern finishes for custom lip styling. A range of 36 shades to create the perfect designer's palette for any lip tone.

So... I had a $50 gift card to Macy's, what's a completly obsessed girl to do? Buy some more beauty products obviously! Of course if Lancome is offering a free gift with purchase more's the better, right? Well in this case I was completely on the mark. I left the store with my new favoritest Primordiale Eye Skin Recharge (a review on that will be in a few weeks) but also a beautiful shade of their Color Design Lipcolor. There are currently a few of these Lipcolors floating around my beauty arsenel, so I figured... time to review! I have the colors "Visionary" and "Bloom" which are both Sheens. "Visionary" is this really pretty light bronze sort of color which looks great on my pale skin. "Bloom" is perfect for the lightest hint of red under a sheer gloss like my favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Angel. These Lipcolors seem to last for hours (even after you eat!) and really moisturize my thirsty lips. Annnnndddd... the best part.... right now they are free if you go to the store. it looks like they are having a really fabulouse offer on their website though. Go here to check it out!

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