Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review -Nutrimin C Re Day Crème with SPF 8

Protect, moisturize and visibly firm with Day Crème. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles $49.50 item #373

I used this only for the mosturizing and antiaging qualities. I havn't used an spf on face since Desert Storm. So having said that the creme is emollient and rich. I found it to absorb pretty quickly and it left my skin dewy and ready for the the rest of the arensal! I found that it really helped to keep the moisture in my skin throughout the day. My foundation never faultered or looked flakey while using. I also want to mention that the scent is strange, its not flowery or fruity! It's got a weird scent and it might just be the spf.. It works and it does a good job but if you are looking for a 2 in 1 then I really don't think this is it, I think that there needs to be more spf to help all beauties be protected!

Sheba says this Nutrimin C Re Day Crème with SPF 8 is a product that definitely moisturizes and keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth. Yes, I would prefer a higher spf but since just about everything I use does contain some I think I am well covered when I use this. I am not out in the sun with just this moisturizer on. I usually have much more of my cosmetic arsenal applied to my face. If I am going out to laze around I would definitely apply a product designed for protection and I use those that are well over 30 as I have damaged my skin in the sun in my past foolishness. I am usually very aware of strong scents or fragrances near my face yet I was not bothered by the scent to this product. As Cityslicker mentioned -- it is difficult to define but it is not unpleasant. It fades relatively fast. The moisture does not fade as my skin just soaks it up when I apply it and it stays nice and moist for the full day. If you are using this alone on your skin you will need to look for a higher spf but if you use other products with spf in conjunction with this -- you will be very happy.

Maria says: I have no problems with any product in the Nutrimin C line. I think it is a quality line, and long before I had the opportunity to review the products here on Beautifile, I had raved about the eyecream in this line on a different review board...I'll do that here under separate post. The Day Cream is very nice - light (a little too light for my dry skin, but with an added serum underneath it's fine) and carries with it an 8 SPF which is always a bonus, but in my experience, I need something a little more beefy in the SPF department. I didn't detect a real scent to the creme - more or less citrusy I'd say. This also does not make my foundation ball up like many other moisturizers out there, so again, another bonus. Again, I'd say the Nutrimin C line is my favorite of the Arbonne products - I am a repeat purchaser of the line and will continue to count on their products for a delivery system that works at a price that is refreshingly affordable.

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