Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review- Bioelements Urban Detox

This potent blend of pharmaceutical grade vitamins A, C, and E in a moisture-binding base protects your skin from damaging smoke, pollution and dirt while hydrators and aromatherapy oils keep it smooth and sleek. It will even boost the efficiency of your sunscreen to fight radical damage.

For those of you who do not know, I live in New York City. I can't think of a better place to test a product like this. This isn't the kind of product that causes sudden improvements in your skin in a couple of uses. It's more the tortoise than the hare in that, in the long run, your skin will be glad you used it. This serum is jam-packed with anti-oxidants and is designed to fight free radicals before they damage your skin. And mind you, city dwellers aren't the only ones exposed to free radical causing elements. Besides pollution there is sun exposure, smoke and all kinds of dirt. I especially like the inclusion of vitamin E, one of the best environmental protection ingredients you can get. It is recommended for combination to very dry skin. The serum has a nice texture and it absorbs very well; it is worn under moisturizer and, of course, sunscreen. I'm happy that I have this product as NYC summers are a brutal combination of sun, heat and pollution. I don't know why, but the dirt in the air just seems to stick to one's skin more in summer. Although I never really considered adding a product like this to my daily regimen before, I will definitely be using this vitamin-rich serum from now on because, hey, you can never be too safe.

Amanda S. Says : I absolutely refuse to turn this blog into my full blown confessional (for the sake of EVERYONE, even the not-so-innocent), but let me just say that... Oh have I abused myself in the past. My skin, if it could, would probably leap off me and run. I was so excited when Hillary gave me a chance to try this, I'd seen it in a spa and wondered how well something like this would work with my usual regimen (which is heavy moisturizer and mineral make up), and I have to say, it went on unnoticed, not to say it was useless, but rather that it did not interfere or ruin my usual plans. Which I love, of course. The idea that, after mincing around the city for hours, days, weeks, years, exposing myself to all sorts of smog and dirt, I can protect myself a little better... Well that cheers me up. Because all that past abuse makes me a little guilty, and this makes that guilt a little less!

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