Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Review - Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara

Seductive Length / Shiny Patent Finish / Strengthens & Conditions / Grip & Extend Brush
Ophthalmologist tested / Contact lens safe $7.49

Here is a mascara that really does lengthen my lashes. It give me the really long thin lashes. I really like the look. The brush is really long so you can grab just about the entire upper lashes with only a tiny bit to apply on the inside. It does deliver s shiny look which I am not used to, they seem glossy with is pretty darn striking. Also have to comment on the easy to remove, a little eye makeup remover and it's gone. I wear contact and can vouch for the ability to wear without any irritations too. I have been wearing daily and I do notice that off and on I do see a flake here and there so beware of that. I have used many others that start flaking when it dries down.. This is a really nice product at a great price point!

Amanda S. Says: OK. OK people listen up, my favorite mascaras have been booted down a notch. I have posted before (and I will undoubtedly post again) that out of all the beauties on this site, I am the most ridiculously horrible at applying make up and making it work. Although I love the stuff, I'm messy and always have trouble applying mascara, it smudges, it's all over my face, I look like a panda and my lashes are clumped up and sticking out all over the place. But the Lash Stiletto was REALLY easy to apply, I'm not sure if it was the applicator or the thickness of the product, but it didn't go on all heavy and clump up on me, and when I do my unmistakable eye rubbing, it didn't smear off everywhere either. My lashes looked much longer than usual, it stayed all day.. and oh yea, this is at least $20 cheaper than the mascara I usually use. GET IT!

Deedlejuse Says: Yes! To Lash Stiletto! really anything by Maybelline is pretty darn good, and for cheap, but this is quickly topping my all time favorites list as well. I didn't notice any of the flaking that Cityslicker mentioned, but I might have just not noticed... My favorite part, if you really can pinpoint one is the very cool spiky look this mascara gives your lashes, seriously the reason they call it Stiletto is because that's the illusion it gives your eyes! I prefer to use this at night or when trying to look super posh and glamorous, because it really will draw a lot of attention to the eyes. I also thought that the removal process was awesome, one of my biggest complaints with some mascaras is that it just won't come off without a fight, this really just wipes clean super-easily. I really like this stuff and totally second Amanda S's GET IT!

Maria says: Back in the day, if I was purchasing a mascara at a drug store, it was always a Maybelline one. Always. To me, they always had a formula that did right by my stick-straight light colored lashes. Funny, the one mascara I HATED by Maybelline seems to be THE be-all-end-all for models and the like - you know the one I'm talking about in the pink and green tube. Great Lash. My all time fave Maybelline mascara was discontinued. Illegal Lengths was its name, and no one was more bummed than me when that little jewel went I moved on to L'Oreal...quickly moved on....have settled (and loved) for the past year and a half the big fatty orange tube by Covergirl, so when Lash Stiletto came my way, I was all: "I'm not going to like this". But....I do. Surprise. This sort of reminds me of what Illegal Lengths did - but with more glossiness, and I'm thinking more length. I get no real volume to speak of, which I like, but if you're looking for length...then, yes, LS might just be your ticket. I doesn't irritate my contact-lens wearing eyes, it's pretty easy to remove, and it's not smudgy on my lower lashes. It's rather a glamorous mascara actually...I'm glad I got a chance to try it, because to be honest, I bet I would have never bought into the hype. I'll keep test driving and will come in for an update, but for now - a healthy thumbs up for Lash Stiletto.

Hillary says: Is it me or are drugstore mascaras getting better and better? This one from Maybelline sets out to raise the bar and acheives it. My lashes look long, thick and (very importantly) separated. So often with this kind of length you get what looks like three long eyelashes as all your lashes have fused into mega-lashes (and not in a good way). Not so with this puppy. The odd part is that looking at the brush I wouldn't have anticipated anything special as the only difference I can see is more bristles than usual. Those extra bristles really do coat the lashes and separate at the same time. This product is more about length than volume, but it's no slouch about thickening your lashes. This is a great mascara for a great price.

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