Monday, May 4, 2009

Review- Avon Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

First for Avon: Injectable-grade facial filler, now in a Serum. This super concentrated serum has 3X the level of injectable-grade hyaluronic acid for dramatic filling & plumping.*

I really did try and hold out before reviewing so I could give this new Avon product a fair assessment, but the time has come for me to give my impression so here goes. First of all, I have liked (and reordered) several items from the Anew Clinical line. Avon listens to their customers, they put science behind their products, introduce good-for-your-skin ingredients - all at a very reasonable price. This new serum may be more than what you are used to paying for an Avon product, but when you consider that it seems to be living up to its claims (for me anyway) then I'm okay with that. Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient here - a known plumper - but not known to me at the injectible grade level...until now... I've often said here that I have a magic age number in mind (that being 50) before I consider Botox and it's companies like Avon who give me hope that I can hold out a bit longer, because by golly this product is making me quite happy....happy to see my "elevens" fading and less pronounced....happy that my forehead lines seem softened as well (and trust me, I have a forehead that is frightfully large) and most of all - happy that under my under eyes, where I seem to be showing my age more and more look better too. Rested. Brighter. Less sallow. Another bonus - no breakouts. Not a one. I use this at night and in the morning there's nothing awaiting me on my face that would make me panic! Happy? Yes, that's a great word to describe how the results of Avon's Derma-Full make me feel. Satisfied? Yup. Repurchase? You betcha. Botox? Nah, it can't wait. (Thank you Avon!) We'll see where I'm at at 55.

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