Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review- Revlon Artificial Nails

Get the look of glamour. It’s effortless. $8.69

Never in a million years did I think that I of all people would be singing the praises of artificial nails! To be honest, I didn't even want to give them a try, but boy have I changed my tune. I had an event to attend this past Sunday and wouldn't you know I broke four nails down to the nubs. So I decided to give the glue-on nails a try. Let me tell you - they look great! I'm wearing the medium length in red and no one I've shown has thought they were anything but my own nails. I won't lie, I did accidentally glue my fingers to two of the nails, but I'm sure next time I won't have this problem. They are actually easier to apply than you would think as they cover the whole nail, not just the tip like ones done at the salon. And the glue does come with them. I've been wearing them for nine days with only one replacement and no maintenance on the other nails. These nails are the perfect quick fix for less than perfect nails should you need to look your best. Keep checking back with us as we will be running a contest soon to win (among other things) one of five sets of Revlon Artificial Nails.

Movie Maven says: My mother wore fake nails exactly once when I was a kid - she never wears makeup of any kind, really - for a ballroom dance show she was in. I was mesmerized. So long! So bright! So crazy-looking! So of course I headed to Walgreens and got myself a set and glued the suckers on. They looked bonkers, of course, since I was 12, but I kind of loved them. Since then, however, I've never had the need or inclination to wear fake nails, but I figured "Hey - let's give these a try!" I got the French manicure version in a medium length, and let me tell you - medium is too long for me. It took me a couple of days just to figure out how to type with them on. So if you're not used to wearing fake nails, or keep your nails naturally short most of the time, just be sure to start slow! I did like how many sizes were included in the pack - it was really easy to find ones that fit my nails perfectly. The glue works well and was relatively easy to apply; the packaging says to put some on the nail and some on your own nail, but I found it was easier simply to put a few drops on the fake nail, then press on. I didn't have as much luck as Hillary with the maintenance, however, and I think this might be a result of the fact that they were French tips - it's SO easy to see if the white tip is scuffed or chipped. One of the nails got chipped after only a couple of days, and then (because I am clumsy beyond measure) I broke one off. But! The rest of them fought (tooth and nail) not to leave my fingers. You'll need a STRONG remover (and a little soaking) to get them completely off, and even then, you might have some glue weirdness for a little bit on your nails. Overall, if you are looking for fake nails, these are definitely a good bet, but be prepared to fight with them upon removal!

Cityslicker Says: I have these in royalty, they are medium length. The color is a deep burgundy with a touch of amethyst. My nails are very weak so I am the perfect candidate for these. I swear I hadn't really noticed the trend but it seems that fake nails are popping up everywhere lately... So it's cool to get to try these before everyone has them!

Ease of use ~ very simple to apply

Upkeep ~ pretty much none

Removal ~ OMG, painful and damaging to my nails..

Before I applied I used an orange stick pushed the cuticles back and went to town.. They were SO easy to apply and they looked great with the exception that none of them fit on my thumb.. I have a wide thumb nail so I could see my nail on the sides, didn't look very good, looked fake and cheap.. Once they were on they stayed on but when they started to give, they took what I could call the top layer of my nail with it.. The pinkie went first and it left my nail sensitive and raw feeling. I applied another but once the glue decided it has enough well they all started to come off but they did last well over a week so for the price this is worth it since the look was just as good as a salon manicure. I removed the rest of the nails with an acetone remover.. My nails don't look the same, they have more ridges and thereis residue from the glue left behind, the first day after removing my fingertips were very sensitive. All in all, since my thumbs didn't work out I applied a polish that was very similar so that worked out.. If you have sculptured nail and want to take a break from the hefty price these are totally for you.. If you have an event and want something completely different and are on a budget these are for you.. If you have weak thin nails then be careful, these may not be for you.. What I did like is the underneath the nail it is a gold color, I though that was a cool touch.. I won't be getting these in the future.. It's the weak nail thing and my Fred Flintstone thumbs!

Sheba says: I am a combination of everyone. I tried artificial nails a long time ago and swore off of them. However, I thought -- time has passed -- let's give them a try. I have had long natural nails in the past but I found it hard to do mostly anything with them -- so I keep them relatively short and shaped now. I tried the medium length and found them too be too long for ME. I am betting they are just right for most people. It took me a while to get them on right and I have very chunky thumbs also so the sides of my real nails showed through. I followed Cityslicker's advice and painted them all. They all had some staying power - and when I wanted to remove them -- I soaked each finger in a jar of nail polish remover for several minutes and that seemed to do the trick. They really look terrific on and I will wear them for special occasions - where I do not have to use my nails for anything but looks!! You will save on manicures by using these and I believe you will be an expert at applying and removing in no time after using them for a while. These get two fat thumbs up!!

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