Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review - Nailene French Manicure Kit

Professional salon results. Now with UV protecting topcoat. 42 tip guides included. 2 easy steps for fingers and toes. Contents: 14.5 ml/0.5 fl oz white polish, 14.5 ml/0.5 fl oz colored polish, 1 sheet of tip guides. Nailene brings the salon home to you with Hard & Healthy! Achieve a salon perfect French Manicure while strengthening thin, weak nails. For fingers and toes. Made in USA. $6.99 and up

I had similar results to Cityslicker with her Nailene French Manicure Set. It took me a while to get the hang of it - but once you do -- the look is worth it. Your nails really do look attractive and professionally done. I actually applied an extra top coat in hopes it would keep 'the look' longer. I had chips the next day. Maybe I need to give it a couple of extra coats. Meanwhile, I will use this exclusively when I need my nails to look extra special for the day or evening. . . and if it lasts beyond that occasion I will consider it an added bonus. All in all, it is a home kit that does make your nails look very professional at a reasonable cost -- however, that look may not last too long. I am going to try it with a couple more extra top coats to see if that might give it more staying power!!

Deedlejuse Says: I am no master of application I will be the first to say. In fact when Hillary was deciding who to give what she decided to give me the "harder" kind because I would only be using it on my toes, so it would be easier than hands. I'm not sure that I actually did it the way your supposed to, I applied the tips to the top of my nails (because they are rather short) painted the pink and then inched on the tips once I took the white sticky paper off. On my hands! I feel like a grown-up doing my own French Manicure and having it turn out fabulously! On the first try! I know lots of excitement there, but seriously it was super easy, stayed a good three to four days without too much chip-age. Of course after they started to go they really fell off the deep end, it all had to be removed, but I will say I was impressed with how long it stayed for me (I am the notoriously hard on the nails girl.) My only complaint is that I really didn't like the irridecence of the pink. I would much prefer the opaque pink that is what I think of as the classic French Manicure. All in all however I really liked this product, and I am absolutly amazed that I was able to apply with such ease, even on the first try!

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Nailene said...

Thanks so much!!! We are so happy you love the Nailene kits! We love them too and absolutely think they are the bomb :)