Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

The exfoliating action of this sea salt scrub — enhanced with the Awaken Essential Oil Blend — sloughs away dead surface cells revealing brighter, healthier-looking skin Key Ingredients: Avocado and sweet almond extract $28.00

I was lucky enough to actually test out two of these.. I have the Awaken and the reactivate.. I got generous 5 oz tubs.. I do love a good body scrub and this is surely one to boast about.. They are both rich and thick upon application. If you are using in the shower turn off the water so nothing gets rinsed away and wasted. It's too precious to waste! I like to slather all over my body rinse then come back and shave the stems. It makes for the perfect shower shave and still leaves my skin SUPER soft and smooth. The scrub isn't rocky or rough.. It's a finely milled salt that really tackled all of my rough spots - knees, ankles & elbows.. I also really like to use on my hand to exfoliate the cuticles, the oils leave behind a really soft hand too..

The scents are nice blends.. They are both difficult for me to pull apart.. Awaken is a light floral with a little stronger undertone that I like but can't figure it out.. I am sorry my nose doesn't know. The Reactivate is a little stronger and smells like there is a little camphor in it with a touch of musk.. I also found that they don't leave my body all perfumey after use.. I don't have to use any body moisturizer after use either.. These are both worth the $28. I was able to get a couple of uses from each and I only have 5oz of each.. You'll love the lightness of the oil and how your body feels enveloped in softness after use..

Sheba says I have been using the Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub for over a week now and I love it. I totally agree with City Slicker that it is impossible to describe the actual fragrance to the Awaken. It does have a light floral scent -- but do not ask me what flower!! It is light enough that it does not overpower you and it fades away in time for you to use your choice of scent for the day. The scrub is very gentle - yet effective. My elbows, and other rough areas actually feel nice and smooth when I am done. They are not red or irritated as some scrubs have left them. My skin feels very soft and moisturized when I am done. I am betting that I could do without moisturizer after use -- but I do put a light application on. Now that winter seems to finally be leaving us -- I may not feel the need to apply the moisturizer after using this scrub. This winter has taken its toll on my skin and I can use all the moisture that I can get for now. I know I am frugal -- but I have been using this one jar for over a week and I still have a little left. I know I am using enough as my skin is luminous and feels terrific. This is a great find!!

Amanda S. Says: What a beautiful product! My skin is a silly flaky mess from the winter, like Sheba said, and this product helped resuscitate me from the brink of horror. Unlike some scrubs, the texture is near perfect, I had no fear of shredding myself a little too much, and it wasn't too meek either (which is so depressing, when you shell out for a scrub and it scrubs NOTHING at all, you know?). It smells delicious and as I'm typing this, I'm wondering why I'm not languishing in the bath using it again. I've actually just bought this to give to a friend for her birthday, that's how much I love it, sincerely.

Deedlejuse Says: Umm, I guess me four! I really enjoyed trying these body scrubs. I found them much richer than normal body scrubs. I don't know what kind of oil they use in this scrub, but whatever it is they should bottle it and sell it without the sea salt! Although the scrubs should be available too, it's just that the oil is scrumptious! I enjoyed both scents, but have to say I love the Reactivate more than the awaken, I didn't notice any camphor like Cityslicker did, only a really lovely ambery relaxing scent. This scrub has made quick work of scruffing off all the bumps and flakes the winter has caused. I love it, and will definitely repurchase this wonderful scrub.

Maria says: I truly don't know what more raves I can add for this product. It is all what the girls say above. I first tried this product at a demo at my sister's house and the Arbonne rep brought each of us over to the sink, applied the Awaken scrub, rubbed it in then rinsed it off of our arms. I swear, none of us could stop touching our arms the entire night - my WORD but were they soft! Plus the's a DREAM. Did I buy it that night? Well, DUH??? Of COURSE I did! I love it. Love this scrub - probably one of the best I've used. Bonus for me, b/c I still had my HUGE tub of it from when I ordered it from the demo I was at - but now I've got a brand new one for when my tub runs out. YEA! It is a great exfoliator as well - put a little on your loofah and have a field day - such soft, touchable, loveable skin, with no ouchies like some other scrubs might have. Really, sincerely, Arbonne nailed it with these scrubs. A must, must try.

Hillary says: I didn't read these rave reviews above before I used my scrub (Awaken) so I had a really pleasant surprise on my hands (elbows, legs- you get the picture). When Arbonne says "scrub" they really mean it. I don't think there was a dry, dull patch left in my county, nevermind on myself. And the fragrance is divine. It reminds me a lot of the scent of Fresh's Sugar Scrub but at half the price. I also had anticipated having to clean the tub for an hour due to how rich in oils this scrub is, but I'm happy to report it didn't make my tub slippery at all (and I'm not really sure how that happened). That fact alone makes me want to use it every time I shower. I recommend getting a loofah or a mitt like Maria said because I was using my hand and I know I was wasting more than I cared to. I want to use this container for all it's worth. It's just that good.

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