Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat

Protect your polish from chipping or peeling with Acrylic Strong Super Glossy Topcoat that locks in color instantly. No more dull colors, no more fading. Salon Solution for stunning nails.

I have used many topcoats and had pretty good success with them. This Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat does an incredible job of protecting the polish from chipping or peeling. I used in on top of some of my less expensive polishes and found that they really lasted as long as the better polishes with this topcoat. Then I used it on top of Nailene French Manicure as I really liked that but had a problem with breaking, chipping, peeling, etc. Once I applied this particular topcoat all those problems seem to dissolve and that makes the French Manicure much more user friendly. I have had very good experience with all the Nailene products that I have used and think you will also.

Deedlejuse Says: I agree with Sheba on this Topcoat. For a very affordable price you will breath some (longer) life into your least expensive nail polishes. When I (the queen of not being able to wear nail polish) applied this top coat to my favorite polishes I found that I had about four or five days chip free, while normally I would have gotten maybe three. It applies evenly and pretty thinly, which I think is a definite bonus. It was also fast drying, which for me is an absolutly necessary feature to any nail polish! All in all everything I have tried from Nailine has been affordable, and very solid. Perhaps not top of the line, but solid. I would say anything you want to try from this will be good, and it won't break the bank!

Amanda S. Says: Wow. Why did I wait so long to try this? I have a FAVORITE color of super cheapo nail polish, I can't find an exact match for the color anywhere, and to my dismay, when I use it, it chips off within HOURS. I tried this topcoat and it lasted 5 days! (the 5th day was my own fault, I basically torture my hands!). This is definitely, seriously, undoubtedly the strongest top coat I have ever used. Others claim to work well, but the words don't pan out when they give up after a few days of abuse that I can dish out. I am going to stock up on this, it's amazing stuff.

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