Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Review- Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate

Instantly skin feels cooled, looks dramatically revitalized. Texture, tone & the look of pores are visibly improved; visibly blurs imperfections. In just 7 days it begins to fill in the look of fine lines. Skin tone appears more even; pores seem to vanish. In just 2 weeks, skin looks dramatically younger. $48

For the purpose of this review, I will call this product a serum, but it's consistency falls somewhere between a serum and a cream. Serum, cream, whatever you call it, this stuff really works! After just a few days my skin started to look more refreshed and brighter. I realize that this isn't the purpose, but I also feel like I had fewer breakouts while I was using this serum. Bonus! Basically my skin looked like the dull layer that usually sits on top disappeared, making my skin look healthier and more radiant. In addition to making my skin look better, the serum also feels refreshing on. Since I've stopped using it, (we have to switch products often in order to test everything we get) my skin is not as radiant as it had been. As soon as I'm done testing all of the products I've got at the moment, I'll be going back to Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Concentrate.

Sheba says I have the Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate which I picked up on EBay. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again -- I LOVE Avon's Anew line. I have had some luck with their other products but Anew is a real star. I have had the same effects as Hillary and my skin feels and looks so much better when I am using it. My face feels like I have had a facial and I think I have -- at home with this Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate. You skin feels invigorated, fresh, clean, moist, soft and silky. I think it plumps up your skin - which in turn, blurs some of the unwanted lines. You will definitely see and feel a nice difference when you use this.

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