Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - Arbonne NutriMinC REcover Night Crème

Product #376 - Recover Night Creme advances night cream visibly strengthens, firms and encourages cell recovery while you sleep $79.00

I had the opportunity to test out the entire line of NutriMinC and it was great; there wasn't a product in the line I didn't like. In fact there are a couple that I liked so much I am thinking that I should add to my regular regimen. This night cream is very nice. I found it to be very hydrating and rich. I can go heavy at night. It's the only time for my face to relax and recoup so I am know to slather on the creams.. I use this after quickly after washing and a swipe of toner to help lock in the moisture. The results were really nice, in the morning my skin was soft, plump and fresh looking. The tiny fine lines around my eyes seem to have relaxed so the product does stand up to it's claim and does work. I do think that my skin has tightened up and does have a more youthful healthy appearance! The price $79 and in comparision to a lot of other brands this is very reasonable. I did get 6 or 7 samples and that did last me about 2 weeks if you apply lightly then I am sure the tub will get you 90 nights! Thanks Susan for the opportunity!

Hillary says: I, too, go heavier with my creams at night. I have very dry skin and if I don't use a thick night moisturizer not only do I wake up with tightness of my skin, I get flakes. This cream thoroughly hydrates and smells terrific (but not too strong). Like Cityslicker, I've been using the entire Arbonne NutriMin C RE9 (I don't know what the RE9 means) line and this product to me is a standout. It moisturizes fully without feeling like it's suffocating your skin. Now it's hard to nail down just which product is really doing the hard work, but I'm sure this night cream is responsible for my (recently) well hydrated skin as I haven't been using the day cream (my bad, but it only has an SPF of 8, a little over half my minimum sun factor requirement). My skin has looked really good since starting this Arbonne regimen- bright and well moisturized. And alough it doesn't come cheap, with how little one has to use, it still works out to be very economical as Cityslicker said. Basically, just put me down for saying "ditto" to everything Cityslicker said!

Sheba says I will be a little different. I do not go heavy at night. First, I am too frugal and second, I would end up with it all over my pillow, etc. I am not too concerned about the SPF with my night creams as usually the sun has already set when I am applying them. Between the Arbonne NutriMinC REcover Night Crème and the Arbonne NutriMinC REcover Day Crème my face is feeling and looking very nice and it is feeling terrific. I had started to get that dry itchy flaking from the weather and once I got gong on this regime -- that all disappeared. Both Hillary and Cityslicker thought the cost to be economical when you consider the product versus the results. Well, I think it is even more economical since I am so frugal with it and get to use it long after the heavy users are out of it!! Seriously, this line is truly an investment in your skin and face and worth trying.
Maria says: Here is another Arbonne product that I raved about on a different beauty site long before Susan was kind enough to send it to us reviewers here on Beautifile. I loved it then and love it now - it's one of my favorite night creams and a star in the NutriMin line - as evidenced by not only mine, but other people's enthusiasm for this product. Sometimes when you think of night cream - you might think of a thick, heavy product - not so with the REcover Night Creme. It's not heavy AT ALL - I'd call it rich and creamy - but never heavy or greasy - but yet you can feel it going to work moisturizing your skin and keeping it healthy while you sleep. When you wake up, your skin looks rested, healthy, and glowing - glowing is a word that comes to mind when describing what the entire RE line does to your skin. It's like it takes years off of your face b/c you just look so refreshed and healthy and vibrant. Also, a little goes a long way, so please, please don't be put off by what you think may be an expensive product. It's so worth it.

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