Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review - Luxtural Sophisticated Veil

Sophisticated Veil works to prevent your skin’s biggest challenge - premature aging. $186.00

This is the true diamond in the Luxtural line. I got a sample of this and I was trying to add water to get the last molecules out! This serum is rich and thick and really penetrated my skin. My skin with in a couple of day had a vibrant healthy glow that looked nourished and flush. I swear this is going to be Luxtural's big win product.. I wanted to jump off a bridge when I ran out.. Trust me your skin will feel so soft and hydrated you won't believe it!!

Maria says: You know you must love a product when you try to find a way to pry open the container and stick a q-tip in it to get the last drop...but, okay, guilty - that's what I tried to do with all three of the Luxtural products I received. I love quality serums and this IS a quality facial serum. You can just tell because your skin looks and feels happy. The serum just doesn't sit there on your skin - you feel like its doing its job - Uber soft, healthy, plump, delish! To keep it real (channeling my best Randy Jackson here) I know that a sample does not the best review make - but in the few applications that I did get out of it, I could safely say that I would reorder without hesitation if the pocketbook allowed. You will be hearing A LOT more about Luxtural.

Hillary says: I feel as if this serum should be put on after the moisturizer as it has the consistency of a great make-up primer. But I did as the directions said and put it under the moisturizer. This stuff is as smooth as silk going on and after a couple of days of using the Luxtural line, you'll notice a new-found clarity to your skin (not that I'm saying your skin is dull, but it's nice to get a little boost). Of the three parts to the Luxtural Skincare regimen, I'd have to say Sophisticated Veil is my favorite. It may be costly, but you are using such a small amount that it averages out to be not so expensive. Or even better, enter to win our Grand Prize this month- a 3 Piece Luxtural Skincare Kit valued at $414. If you could feel this serum on your skin, you would have already entered, I guarantee it!

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