Saturday, May 23, 2009

Review - Luxtural Silk Premonition

Silk Premonition is extremely effective at giving your skin both the benefit of LUXTURAL™’s long lasting, deep hydration properties, and its highly advanced anti-aging benefits.

Now, I got a sample of this. It's a very nice emolient moisturizer that kept my skin moisturized and definitely assisted in keep my foundation and powder in place. I experienced no flaking or riding in the little line. This silk premonition locks in moisture and seal the face but still allows it to breathe and feel healthy.. These samples just ran out to fast.. There was little to no scent so that is a huge plus. I ended up scraping the inside of the bottle on this one too.. I am sick! I need help but when you get a good thing you just don't want it to end. I highly recommend checking out the Luxtural Line!

Hillary says: Unfortunately for me, my sample jammed halfway through, so I didn't get to use all of the product inside (believe me, I tried). My impression from what I did use is that this is a light feeling, non-oily moisturizer that delivers a big payoff in moisturization. I had no problem with flakes or dry spots during the few days I used this product. Of course for day, you must add your own sunscreen to it, but I feel it is totally worth having to do an extra step as this face lotion can be described in no better way than "luxurious".

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