Saturday, May 23, 2009

Review - Luxtural Mystique Fountain

A superb hydrator for any skin type. Mystique Fountain tones and calms, cools and refreshes your skin, naturally protecting it from environmental damage as it reduces inflammation. $78.00

One word.... FABULOUS!!! I love this stuff. It's refreshing & hydrating.. I got a sample sized container that resembles a pen.. I have emptied the container and am praying for more.. I used this on my freshly cleaned skin before moisturizer and sunscreen. It feels great, dries down and my face felt plump and hydrated. I swear that applying this way really locks in the moisture for all day benefits. I also used it over my makeup to boost the look and definitely woke up my makeup and gave it the freshly applied look at the end of the day... Luxtural is a delicious line!

Sheba says we know that Cityslicker loves to go heavy with her products -- she often mentions it. I, on the other hand, am very frugal with mine. Yet, I have to say I got the same results with my Luxtural's Mystique Fountain, Luxtural's Sophisticate Veil, and Luxtural's Silk Premonition. I have been using them for over a week now and can really feel the difference in my silky smooth but definitely moistened skin. I believe I can see the difference in the appearance of some fine lines being less noticeable. Personally, I don't know why they call them fine lines. We don't want them -- they are not fine with us. So anything that diminishes their appearance is truly the FINE thing and Luxtural is really FINE. The cost is about where I would expect to find Fine products like Luxtural and it should be considered an investment in our faces.

Maria says: Two words: In LOVE. Yup. Two big thumbs up to Luxtural for what is truly a mystical experience indeed. INSTANT hydration - instantly better feeling skin. I've had this little pen in my purse and I maybe have one or two more spritzes and I'm bumming BIG time. It was so unseasonably warm here the past couple of days and I found myself spritzing myself with it any chance I could. That's probably why I ran out so quickly. Applied over your makeup, it just gives a slightly dewy look that dries down to a perfect fresh face. Absolutely NO reaction to this spray. The line is truly luxurious and is going places. I can see this line becoming a big lemming for me. I better start saving now!

Hillary says: I decided to put this product to the ultimate test- I used it on the plane to and from Ireland (6 hour flights). Ordinarily after I fly my face is as dry as the Sahara with flakes galore. Not this time. The best part is although it imparted a lot of moisture, it didn't ruin my makeup, even my non-waterproof mascara. It also smells wonderful, but not overpowering. I don't think that there can be that much fragrance in it or it would have bothered my allergies. The only problem with this mist is as Maria said- addiction. I must have sprayed myself 100 times (ok, the sample I got doesn't hold 100 sprays but I like to exagerate). Unlike spraying with puified water, this does not make your face feel tighter as it dries, it does the exact opposite, leaving your face feel like you slathered on a cream not just spritzed with a mist. Although they only have 3 products so far, I'm expecting a lot of buzz about Luxtural in the coming months.

Also, don't forget to see the bottom of the page for how to enter to win a Luxtural Gift Set worth $414!

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