Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review - Lothantique Authentique Eau de Toilette-Marine

The new Eau de Toilette series from Lothantique is comprised of modern fragrances that capture the timeless spirit of France. The Authentique Eau de Toilettes are available in five sparkling fragrances: Grapefruit, Green Tea, Verbena, Lavender, and Marine! To find your Authentique fragrance, you need not look any further. 3.33 oz $32.00 (USD)

I was not really familiar with Lothantique Authentique Eau de Toilette-Marine until I started using it. I found it to be a very nice, crisp scent. I do not know the different notes, etc. to a perfume -- I only know if I like it or not. This is not too floral for me. Some are just too sweet and others are overpowering. This just has a very crisp, fresh scent which is not too strong. It reminds me of fresh air anywhere near the ocean. It is a 'salt' air scent which I find hard to really describe but you know it as you come closer to the ocean. I liked it best for daytime use but it can certainly be used for the evening with nice results. I notice that they have other scents which I look forward to trying. I am truly a 'citrus' person and the Grapefruit and Verbena sound heavenly to my senses. Marine is very nice and has a special fragrance - however, I have to admit I can hardly wait to get my hands on the citrus scents!!

Hillary says: It is often so hard to describe the scents we get to review- but not this time. The name of this EDT is Marine and that describes it completely! It reminds me of summer and the beach and the smell of the ocean and all the fun that comes along with it & I love it. This is not to say that this perfume smells like the now oh-so-familiar scents of suntan lotion or sea water, it just sort of conjures the image of these things while being feminine and not overpowering. Although it comes to us via Canada, Lothantique is a French company and this may sound odd, but you can tell this is a French perfume simply by smelling it. In my opinion, France makes the finest quality perfumes in the world and this one is no exception. This will be my everyday eau de toilette for the summer. The only thing that bums me out is that this perfume is going to end up costing me money as I've discovered there is a matching soap, shower gel and body lotion which I now must have! I feel that layering a scent is the best way to wear it although this EDT lasts well all on it's own. If you are looking for a refreshing, beachy perfume for the coming summer months, you couldn't do any better for the price or even double the price.

Amanda S. Says: Oh my god! Holy cow! I love this. LOVE IT. I wear it and I see myself on a yacht wearing a fetching little nautical themed scarf and big sunglasses. And you know, I don't care that I can't even swim and I cried in the ocean in March down in Florida because the sting rays scared me. I like this marine scent and it reminds me of my sisters cute little house in Rhode Island, or visiting my great aunt and uncle in Cape Cod. All that clean salty air and white sand. In my opinion ladies (and gentlemen of discerning and awesome taste) this is the scent of the summer (and this is also the first time I've used bold print, so you know I'm serious). And you know, I bet I can work it into the fall also. Maybe even winter. I'm snooping around online too, and I see there's soaps and bath salts and all sorts of amazing things. BUY THIS!


Anonymous said...

It's a completely useless review if you don't tell us how we can get it. Not even a link?

Anonymous said...

where did you buy this? i found it in anthropologie stores over a year ago and it has become my favorite perfume! i haven't been able to find it online or in stores since.

Amanda S. said...

hello! if you click the headline (the header in pink, underlined) it is a link to purchase the product. XOXO Amanda