Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review - Arbonne Intelligence Daily Cleanser

A non-drying cleanser that easliy removes dirt & oil without stripping skin of it's vital moisture barrier.
4.3 fl/127ml Product #486 $22.5

The next few products by Arbonne are absolutely wonderful, and have left my 24 year old skin happy and radiant, but..... They are not on the website we have been given to purchase through! Very strange, but I think all one has to do to order is use the product number above. Sorry to make it difficult, but this line is totally worth it!

The Intelligence Line from Arbonne is really wonderful. Like stated above I am 24 years old, I do not get pimples very often, my skin can be on the sensitive side but not terribly so, and I can get quite dry, although I would say I am normal. This cleanser is quite gentle and has never left me irritated. You only need a little drop, a little goes a long way. It does not foam, but just gently cleanses skin and rinses clean. When I used the Balancing toner in step 3 I didn't find that the cotton ever had any dirt or oil left behind. My skin looks beautiful and healthy, although I believe it is a combination of all five products. When I tried this cleanser without the remaining steps I found it mildly drying, so I will reccomend you try the Arbonne Smart Intelligence Set (Item # 725) it comes with all five products we will be reviewing plus Arbonne Intelligence Skin Conditioning Oil for free! It is $143.50 for the whole set, and so completely worth it!

Amanda S. Says: I can use a lot of products willy-nilly on my skin and not have problems. But my biggest arch-nemesis is cleansers. If I use the wrong one, I pay the price, big time. Some cleansers don't work at all, then I break out or feel greasy, have left over make up all over me and feel heavy-skinned and gross. Others clean so well that I am depleted of all moisture of my face and feel pinched up and icky. I like this daily cleanser because it did neither. I had a TON of make up on too the first time I gave it a whirl and it all came off beaitifully without stripping me bare of every human essence I had previously had. It has a nice clean feel to it and even when I used it three times in one day (morning, post-bike ride, and evening) my skin was soft and happy.

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