Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review - Arbonne Intelligence Daily Moisturizing Cream, Night and Day

This lightweight moisturizer delivers as much, or as little, hydration a the skin needs, without feeling greasy or dry. 4.3oz #490 $38.50

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This cream, in my opinion what slightly too much for daytime use. I did use it day and night, and found that the end result really was beautiful, well tended and moisturized skin, but I found that I just really felt it during the day. Especially on hot days. My skin is pretty young, and a very light moisturizer does a fine job with it, so if you need a bit more in the moisture department don't rule it out! I wish that there was a slightly less intense moisturizer for those of us who don't necessarily need a ton of moisture. But again all in all I really liked the end effect of these combined products, so I guess I can let it slide. One of the nicest parts of this cream, other than the feeling it leaves you with after extended use, is that there really isn't any odor that I noticed. Maybe the answer is to use your SPF moisturizer during the day and this Daily Moisturizing Cream at night. That way your really covered and you don't have to worry about the sun!

Amanda S. Says: I was going to say something similar to the above, that the moisturizer was a bit too heavy for me. Then I had one of those cinematic style flashbacks to the winter where my face was peeling like a sick lizard and I was practically crying into my useless bottles of lotion. I believe, my dears, that is where THIS stuff comes in. Although during the hotter days of spring it seems to be a bit heavy for me, I realize that these days are fleeting, and a little extra moisture now (and during the dry times) will be just fine. I also imagine that this entire Arbonne Intelligence system we were given has a while sort of groove to it, and once you get into using them all together for some time, each product may very well balance the other out in some perfect finely tuned way. At least at this point, that's where it all seems to be going, and the results are awesome.

Movie Maven says:

As a lady with the sebaceous glands of a particularly sweaty 13-year-old girl, I can say right now that this is probably more moisturizer than I need. However - their claims that it would not make your skin feel greasy? Totally true! (And by this I mean no more greasy than my skin is on an average day.) I very rarely use moisturizer in the mornings, as a) I am very, very lazy and b) it tends to make my makeup slip off rather than help anything, so I really only used this stuff at night to start off with, and I agree with my colleagues that that's the ideal time to put this on. If you're a night showerer like me, just apply it after you step out and by the time you've dried your hair and changed into your jammies, your skin will be soft - but not greasy. That said, this is definitely a product for ladies with skin that's on the dry side, so be forewarned!

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