Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review - Nailene China Doll Decals

Movie Maven says: Although I'm a big proponent of crazy-colored nails (I had this acid green when I was in high school that was AMAZING and allowed me to quote Sally Bowles and say "I think it's pretty"), I haven't used decals on my nails since I was a wee tyke. That said, I was really excited to try out these "Bedazzle" decals from Nailene, even with their strange choice of subject matter (tiny China dolls, fans, and lanterns, but also roses with either gold or silver leaves). I put a couple of red roses with silver leaves on just some of my nails (not all of them) and coated them with topcoat (note: do not skip this step). They stayed put for a good long time - in fact, they were a bit difficult to remove when it came time to take them off! I'd recommend having a tweezers handy when putting them on, as that made them MUCH easier to handle, but otherwise, three cheers for Nailene's decals! If you're looking for a way to spice up your mani, give these a try (just please - don't do every nail, unless you want to be mistaken for a stripper from Jersey*).

*No disrespect to Jersey strippers. I know you ladies need to make a dollar.

Amanda S. Says: Oh hey everyone, sorry I didn't post sooner, but I was busy sticking these things all over my nails and feeling awesome. Totally cheesy, probably socially unacceptable and a little stereotypical, but whatever. They're CUTE and I have had to turn away 3 friends who have wanted badly to have china dolls stuck on their fingers. NO, these dolls are only for me. This really is the 2009 equivalent of the bedazzler. Which to be totally honest, I really wanted back in the day, to bedazzle my fringe jacket (which I wore with my acid wash jeans, unironically). Using these decals was sort of like wearing my Metallica "Master of Puppets" shirt. I mean you love it, other people may not get it, but sometimes you have to have china doll fingers.

CitySlicker says: They are really cute, super easy to apply and look cute on my nails. I used the little flowers and thought they were the most appropriate for me.. I put them on a clean nail and then put clear polish on over.. Those puppies stayed for for a while and were protected from all the harm of the keyboard and normal wear and tear.. They really a fun inexpensive addition to making your nail look cool!

Hillary says: I have a collection of nail decals which I bust out every so often, but none of the are as easy to use as these. My other decals have to be immersed in water then you slide the decal off & place it. However, the decals are paper thin and it's really easy to tear them while trying to apply them. These decals from Nailene, in addition to being adorable, are a breeze to apply. At first I messed up because I didn't let my nails dry completely before applying the decals and they turned up at the edges. I wrote the company who supplied them to us and they informed me what I was doing wrong. After that is was smooth sailing. And these suckers last! I actually had a nail where all the polish around the decal chipped, but the decal & polish under it were still intact. I know lots of ladies have switched from getting salon manicures to DIY manicures and if you love to get pictures on your nails and thought that you'd have to give that up because you are now doing your nails yourself- don't fret. There are several styles of Nailene Bedazzle Nail Decals to choose from and honestly, no one will ever know that they were stuck on rather than painted on. And at $3.99 for 4 sheets, you can have it all for practically nothing!

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